Summer sales 2022: iPhone, MacBook, Apple Watch, AirPods, the best deals from Apple

Summer sales 2022: iPhone, MacBook, Apple Watch, AirPods, the best deals from Apple

Selection updated on June 23 with updated promotions.

The summer sales will be extended this year until July 19 and during this period of promotions you will be able to make good offers. If you want to redo your technology wardrobe at Apple, keep in mind that there are several Apple-branded devices on sale. In the program, iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, Apple Watch, AirPods and some accessories. In order to help you separate wheat from straw, we have selected the most interesting discounts from all their offers.

The best iPhone deals

A new design, an OLED screen, an even more powerful chip, a neat photo part, 5G, the iPhone 12 is on strike. Too bad the storage space of the basic version is only 64 GB.

Say goodbye to the iPhone SE. Here’s the little iPhone we were expecting from Apple, the iPhone 12 Mini. Its small size, easy-to-use navigation in iOS 14, and high screen-to-body ratio make this compact smartphone an almost perfect device for one-handed use. Its size does not affect its performance, it makes excellent photos and videos and offers fantastic images in all circumstances. The high-end performance of the iPhone 12 is there and keep in mind that it is the smallest 5G smartphone on the market. If having a small phone has a consequence, it’s autonomy. During our tests, the iPhone 12 Mini lasted a day of regular use without any problems. A fantastic iPhone than this Mini.

Ahead, little change, the iPhone SE 5G 2022 still takes the stylistic codes of an iPhone 8 launched almost 5 years ago. A design marketed as “iconic” according to Apple. The recipe works and speaks to Touch ID enthusiasts, there’s no reason for Apple to change it.

Discounted iPads

A screen that is still just as good, an outdated but far from obsolete configuration and a specially optimized operating system, the 10.2-inch iPad is not a revolution in itself, but the few improvements made by the company to Apple make it a must for any consumer who wants to entertain themselves and work on an affordable tablet. “Affordable”, if you can get away with 32GB of non-expandable storage and if you don’t feel the need to buy a Smart Keyboard and / or an Apple Pencil. For more advanced, more flexible and more comfortable use, the iPad 7 imposes a buying process that we consider too painful.

The most affordable of Apple’s iPads gains a more powerful chip and retains all its advantages. Apple’s winning formula, which could still have revised the obsolete design of its tablet.

Apple iPad Pro 11 inches (2021)

The most “compact” iPad Pro 2021 benefits from all the improvements of its big brother: 5G, M1 chip, Mini-LED display and Thunderbolt port.

The iPad Pro 2021 is full of new features and moves away from its predecessor in many ways thanks to its M1 chip, Mini-LED screen, 5G compatibility and Thunderbolt port.

The best deals on Apple Watch

The new Apple Watch is getting a much-anticipated key feature and software update, but otherwise it’s still the same big clock as last year. His screen, which is now always on, fills a significant void. You don’t have to contort your arm to check the time under any circumstances, and that changes everything in terms of use. Other major improvements include a compass (magnetometer) that indicates the correct direction when navigating maps and an international emergency call feature on models with a mobile connection. Incremental developments for this 5 Series that remains one of the best smartwatches on the market.

The Apple Watch Series 7 looks more like an “Apple Watch 6s,” but it’s a big step forward if you have an older model.

The icing on the MacBook side promotion

Apple MacBook Air 2020 (M1)

Of the three new Mac M1s, the 13-inch MacBook Air is the one that differs the most from its predecessor. The fan cooling system has been removed in favor of an aluminum heat sink. An important evolution possible thanks to the highly efficient operation of the M1 processor that produces less heat and even surpasses high-end Intel Macs. The M1 chip on the MacBook Air is almost identical to that on the MacBook Pro. It’s a big argument in favor of the MacBook Air versus the Pro if you’re looking for the best performance for a contained price. The most recommended MacBook this year.

The best AirPods deals

For its first foray into the market, Apple signs a Bluetooth headset with a flawless and extremely premium finish that offers excellent sound quality despite the use of the AAC codec alone and an impressive spatialization, worthy of an open headset. Equipped with a first-class active noise reduction system, the AirPods Max also adopt complete, simple and effective physical controls, and offer a solid Bluetooth connection thanks to two Apple H1 chips, all with 20 hours of autonomy. However, the helmet is not perfect and some design “mistakes” have been made in our opinion: the device is heavy, not foldable, and must be transported with its case, the only way to put the device manually. In addition, you need to buy a Lightning cable to jack to use it with cable and some features are reserved for iOS, such as multipoint Bluetooth. Despite these flaws and exorbitant price, the AirPods Max are, in our opinion, one of the best mobile headphones with active noise reduction on the market.

This “Pro” version of the AirPods has been completely redesigned, and for the better because, in our opinion, they are the best headphones ever designed by the brand. A la carte, a splash-proof semi-in-ear design (warning to athletes) that offers excellent comfort while avoiding the overly intrusive side of this format, good quality sound reproduction, much richer especially in serious, but also very efficient. active noise reduction and a solid wireless connection (and multipoint if you have iOS / MacOS terminals). They also recharge more easily thanks to its sheath that supports inductive charging, which compensates for the absence of USB-C port. Although its price is still high, AirPods Pro will appeal to both iOS and Android users, although unfortunately the latter lose some features.

The burning of Apple’s accessory offerings

Apple Magic Keyboard

Apple’s official wireless keyboard for Mac, but no numeric keypad and Touch ID. It is recharged using a USB-C lighting cable that comes with it.

The AirTag is a connected tag that allows you to locate your objects (backpacks, handbags or even toys). The tracker takes advantage of ultra-wideband (UWB) and links to the Apple device from the “Find” app.


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