Sucking it more often could greatly help you lose weight!

Sucking it more often could greatly help you lose weight!

Ice Diet: What is this diet?

What diet invented by Dr. Brian Weiner, Assistant Professor at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and author of the book The Ice Dietsuggests eat lots of ice cream (at least one liter per day) in one day; this in addition to one healthy eating. Claiming to have relieved himself of 20 kilos following its diet protocolthe scientist recommends, however, not to swallow more than a liter of ice a day to avoidhypothermia and unusual cooling of the body. According to Brian Weiner, eating ice would help boost metabolism because the body needs a lot of energy to melt it. A practice that would provide some satietyfilling the space in the stomach, which therefore results lower food intake. Want to try? Be careful with your teeth: ice can damage the gums and enamel.

Does taking a cold shower make you lose weight?

Did you know that a cold shower can make us shiver to the point of losing a few calories? So with hot baths, prefer a temperature of 20 ° C, or less, at the outlet of the knob. The body will react by mobilizing what is called brown fate, different from the white fat that is stored in the form of cellulite or two love handles. Located on the buttocks and on the upper back, this brown fat burns calories in a shower at 20 ° C, since it has the peculiarity of melting when it is cold! And this is thanks to its content in mitochondria, these components of cells that, under the effect of cold, produce energy and heat that the body needs. Thus, one can lose between 100 and 200 calories in two to three minutes in a shower at 20 ° C.

Do you burn more calories when you run in cold weather?

It does not ignite, it is not 15 minutes of jogging at 5 ° C that will be enough to eliminate the raclette from the day before. Prevents only in winter and to keep its temperature at 37 ° C, the body starts a whole lot of work to fight the cold. The advantage of this thermoregulatory system is that it is high in calories. Even when you are inactive… So what about profit when you start a sports session in the cold! The calorie counter can explode quickly. It’s simple, a one-hour running session allows us to burn 250 to 350 calories per 20 ° C, climbs to 500 or 600 calories per 5 ° C. It’s doubly worth it to put on your sneakers, isn’t it?

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