Stéphane Plaza buys a chic apartment in Paris: photos of the amazing view and the interior!

Stéphane Plaza buys a chic apartment in Paris: photos of the amazing view and the interior!

He could have seen the seagulls, the gray sky and the trawlers of Brittany, region where he had announced his move but in the end Stéphane Plaza chose to stay and live in Paris. The star animator of M6 a bought a large apartment in the Marais. We imagine that the cost must have been very high and it is not the recent photo posted on Instagram that will deny it when we know the view it offers …

On Thursday, June 2, Stéphane Plaza posted in the story from his Instagram account a photo taken from his new home. “Nice view, right? Relocation planned for Augusthe said the businessman at the head of a network of franchised agencies across France with a view of the Seine, precisely on the Pont Neuf, in the 1st arrondissement of the capital. From its balcony, it seems to have a view of the island of the City. Which suggests that he bought an apartment on the Quai du Louvre. The average price per square meter is estimated at just over 14,000 euros.

In the pages of Sunday newspaper, Stéphane Plaza recently revealed this amazing purchase. “My apartment is finally coming. This is the first apartment I buy to live in. While waiting for the completion of the work, I live in a studio of 17 square meters in front, it is convenient (…) It is a 50 square meter, to which I just added 36 square meters when buying the apartment below, the work will be finished by the end of May. (…) There is a lot of life, bars and shops open on Sundays, with good brunch and market addresses“, explained the host of House for sale or Apartment hunters. For that, you have to walk a little at the level of the Halles district, for example.

Stéphane Plaza, who was talking about work completed in May in the JDD but nevertheless mentioned a move next August in his story, so bought an apartment that could be worth … 1.2 million euros! But the host has the means since we learned last year through BFM Immo that he had for example perceived income of 1,526,077 euros before taxes in 2020 …

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