Le meneur star NBA des Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry, vient de franchir une première étape dans sa course contre la montre avant les playoffs

Steph Curry’s big problem before this Game 4 revealed!

Injured in the final game of the Warriors, Stephen Curry will do his best to be ready for Game 4, which will take place this Friday night. Fortunately, the player is doing better, even though he made a somewhat disturbing statement before the rest of these finals. Obviously, the Chief has to deal with a major problem, which could have an influence quickly.

Now dominated 1-2 in these finals, the Warriors are set to win their next game against the Celtics on Friday night. Little rest for both teams, as this Game 4 will still take place in Boston, in front of an audience that made controversy in the last game. This is also the case for players, since Stephen Curry suffered a new foot injury. This is the second of the season, and both took place against the Celtics.

Steph Curry down for these finals?

The first had been debated, as Marcus Smart had thrown himself at Curry’s feet before injuring him. A similar scenario in Game 3, still with Smart, but also Al Horford. Whatever happens, the Chief avoids the worst since he shouldn’t miss a game according to recent reports from Shams Charania (review the info here). However, this does not mean that it will be 100% for the rest of the series, due to some pain.

Steph Curry: “I’m going to play. That’s all I know. »

Journalist: “What is your level of pain right now?” »

Curry: “I don’t know how to answer that question, because I’m just comparing to the previous injury, but I’m ready to play. No worries about mobility, it will be just a story of managing pain. »

So Curry could be limited to Game 4, the fault of pain. If we were in the regular season, there is no doubt that the Chief would have been placed in the infirmary to recover. But in the playoffs, and in the middle of the final? No matter the pain, Curry will play to hopefully turn the situation around and offer a title for the Warriors. The good news is that he was pretty comfortable leaving the podium:

Not necessarily 100%, Steph Curry will hold his place, no matter what happens with the Warriors. It will be necessary to manage the pain as best as possible, but it can be said that the leader avoided the worst in this Game 3. Will he be at the level for the sequel? We will have the answer this Friday night, for the rest of the finals.

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