sport saved him from depression ... And saved his career!

sport saved him from depression … And saved his career!

Olivier Minne went through a complicated vacuum. (Photo by Eric Fougere / Corbis via Getty Images)

At the helm of the show “Le club des invincibles” this Saturday, June 4, 2022, Olivier Minne finds the viewers of France 2 a few weeks before the return of “Fort Boyard”. Becoming a must-have on public service, however, the host went through a real vacuum a few years ago. Besides, he almost sank into depression.

In the 80’s, Olivier Minne joined the world of television not in front of the camera, but behind. In parallel with his studies in classical literature, he first worked as an assistant cameraman on RTL Télévision and then as a member of the administrative department of Antenne 2: he was then in charge of sorting the archives and tidying up the cassettes. A position that allowed him to get to know the one who would become his good star, Anne-Marie Tournier, who encourages his colleague Jacqueline Joubert to give him tests.

In 1991, the very young Olivier Minne, strong in his physique as a young first, hosted his first shows on France 3, taking over the shows “Les Mondes fantastiques” and “Génies en herbe”, and then continued the projects … Until ‘in the late 90’s, where he encounters an empty passage which will jeopardize his career and mental health.

Video. Olivier Minne was chosen for Fort Boyard because of his physical transformation

He was no longer so popular

After several years of exposure, he finds himself on more confidential projects, and his popularity rating is collapsing. As a guest on the show “There is more than just a life in life on Europe 1”, the host mentioned his difficulties in regaining a place in the spotlight: “Television has been kind to me, cruel at times, and very rarely very violent,” he says. “I had a hard time. I couldn’t make money anymore, I couldn’t pay my rent and my food anymore, I saw people around me who I thought were friends and turned their backs on me.”

His decision is then made: he leaves France for the United States, in order to rebuild himself. “I was not a star, I was a little known, but unfortunately for me, enough to be a little bored in the supermarket or on the street, by people who, without malice, said to me ‘We don’t see you anymore ‘(…) And it reminded me that I had been abandoned by those I thought were friends. So I preferred to leave. “

Los Angeles, sports and the fight against depression

After considering moving to New York, he finally packed his bags on the West Coast. “I went far to Los Angeles rather than New York. Because in Los Angeles, when I woke up and started my day, Paris fell asleep. By the time I started my day and entered my new energy, those who had sought to harm me or had simply abandoned me fell asleep. ” The perfect way to cut bridges.

In the columns of Here Paris, he revealed a few years ago that it was there that he had changed his way of life: “I felt that this crossing of the desert would be endless. instead of sinking into alcohol or depression, I got into sports. ” His goal was not to “try to change his appearance,” he told Europe 1, but to “resist the temptation of depression.” To the Teamhe recounted: “As soon as I had a hard time, I went to the gym to take refuge. It was an initiation path for me to get closer to myself. And I quickly discovered that, no happy to expel these anxieties, working on my body allowed me to reconnect with myself. “

A return to the marching band and a lasting success

A year and a half later, Olivier Minne found France Télévisions, and his new figure opened new doors for him. “It wasn’t until I got back on TV that I felt that the gaze of others on me had changed.” In 2002, he became Pyramid’s watchword in the new version of the show. The following year, he was given the keys to Fort Boyard. For 6 years, he co-hosted the show, first with Sarah Lelouch and then with Anne-Gaëlle Riccio. Since 2010, he has been in animation alone, and his popularity has been steadily increasing, making him a leading figure in public service in many ways.


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