Sonia Rolland "challenges any offense" in the "misappropriated property" case

Sonia Rolland “challenges any offense” in the “misappropriated property” case

The former Miss France is accused of being offered a fraudulently acquired apartment by Omar Bongo, the president of Gabon who died in 2009.

The former Miss France Sonia Rolland was arraigned in Paris on Monday for embezzlement of public funds, corruption and abuse of social property, reports The Parisian.

An examination related to the case of “misappropriated property”which investigates the movable and immovable property of former Gabonese President Omar Bongo, who died in 2009 and was allegedly funded in part by embezzlement of public funds in his country.

Sonia Rolland is accused of being offered in 2003 by Omar Bongo an apartment located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris and which was allegedly financed in an opaque and fraudulent manner.

“Proof of naivete”

Asked last January by an investigator at the Central Office for the Suppression of Major Financial Crime, the model said she knew nothing.

“I didn’t know how to finance it and I wasn’t interested in it, I had heard about the Elf case but I hadn’t made the connection, and I didn’t know that the Bongo family so many goods in France, ”she explains.

“One must be careful not to judge with the current knowledge of the facts of 2003,” he told Parisian his lawyer Charles Morel. “My client was 22 years old, she was coming out of a time when she was projected into a universe she didn’t know anything about. She explained in detail about the conditions for obtaining this gift that she didn’t know. She admits she was naive but denies any wrongdoing. “

And the lawyer insisted: “At no time did she know the origin of the funds or the financial arrangement, she fully trusted the notary. Sonia Rolland is serene and has no doubt that she will be dismissal at the end of the investigation. “

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