Singer Tina Ly is celebrating 20 years of her career this weekend at the Ink, d

Singer Tina Ly is celebrating 20 years of her career this weekend at the Ink, d

Singer Tina Ly, has more than 20 years of musical career, and many hits to her credit. An artist who has traveled the world, from Guyana, to Paris, to the Caribbean or the United States, yet this is her first concert, where she will be at the top of the poster. A gift she wanted to give to her Guyanese audience, because it was on this French, South American land that it all began.

Tina Ly and Guyana are an unbreakable bond, dating back to her childhood. His first scenes take place in simplicity, in his parents’ restaurant. At the time, the artists sang to liven up the evenings, from the family restaurant, Tina was already dreaming of choreography, singing like the artists in vogue.

For her first television show, Tina is only 8 years old, and she already has an overwhelming desire to embrace this profession. His professional career began “officially” in 2000, with two titles released on the compilation of “zouk box”.

I remember my producer telling me, we’re going to start with two singles. This is where we see that this is a real job, not just glitter. So in 2001, my first album was released, with my first producer Michael Lancry. On this album, there was the headline, which was my first hit, “What to do without you.”

Tina Ly

singer Tina Ly

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The 20 years of my career have fallen, during the confinement. In 2020, the concert could not be done, to mark the occasion, we released the title “You had to leave”, with Jude Deslouches. We couldn’t sing, because I was in France, he lives in Canada, we had a small shooting window to shoot the music video in the summer of 2020. This weekend, for this concert, it’s the first time, we’re going to sing this song live, so it’s really going to be a first. In addition, I will be accompanied by my group Ji Kann “, that was the positive point of the confinement, we made the buzz during the release of our cover of Jocelyne Béroard Pa Bizwen Palé.

During these two hours of concert, the public will be able to find the entire repertoire of Tina Ly, zouk, kompa, and guest artists.

singer Tina Ly

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it was complicated to choose the artists, the choice was cornelian, there will of course be Ali Angel, it’s obvious. Ali and I is a story, dating back to 2003, since the title “without cheating”, he has become my producer, a mentor, a support, he is always very good advice, he has seen me grow musically , I gained confidence, I find that we have really become a musical duo

I will be accompanied by the group Ji Kann ‘, we were highlighted during the confinement, the audience wanted more of Ji Kann “, we have become a real band since the release of” Lalin “. We want to make our musical color known, we are not just a group of covers. With them I released, in June, a song called “There’s still a bit left”, then we introduced each singer of Ji Kann, like Guy André and “Chalè Lanmou”, and most recently the title of gregz ” On Bel Joune ”.

‘This is my first Guyanese stage, where I will really be in the spotlight, when we are on stage, we give to the audience, there are no filters. It is a time of sharing, of love, of gratitude, of me, vis-à-vis them.

“My encounter with Ali Angel is someone who has brought me a lot into my career. For my 2nd album, my producer asked me which artist I wanted to work with, I immediately responded Ali Angel: This beautiful encounter gave the title “without cheating”.

“My interview with CNN, I had a concert in Atlanta in the United States, they came to interview me to my surprise, I was very young at the time, it was pretty impressive and striking.”

“December 2007 was the first time I sang” Beside You “, it was a country I didn’t know at the time. This title had just been released, and yet the concert was there, we were there to give love to people, and there that night they were so generous, I had a crush on it, I went back 3 or 4 times, it happens always something when I go there. ”

“It’s a tribute to Yvan Rollus. A musical duo, a tribute I managed to make during my lifetime, at the Lindors ceremony, thanks to Jean-Pierre Karam. Yvan Rollus is the one who seen from my childhood, this little artistic spark “.

June 3 and 4, 2022 Of course This is the first live concert of my career, to celebrate my 20 years of career, it is an unforgettable date

Tickets are available on the EPCC les 3 fleuves website

Concert Friday, June 3 at 8 pm and Saturday, June 4 at 8 pm

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