since the beginning of the war, Ukrainians have been tattooed with patriotic symbols

since the beginning of the war, Ukrainians have been tattooed with patriotic symbols

Valéry lies down on the tattoo artist’s table. He pulls up his pants to present his calf, some music to relax and off he goes. “This will be my first patriotic tattooexplains the young man. It is the trident, the coat of arms of our country. I’ve been wanting this for a long time, I was a little hesitant, but now I want everyone to know that I’m Ukrainian. “

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Far from dividing the Ukrainians, the war brought them closer together. Patriotic sentiment has never been stronger in Ukraine. Yellow and blue flags fly everywhere, posters of soldiers dot the roadside, and the Ukrainian national anthem is played several times a day on the radio. “I want to show myself as a Ukrainianassures Valéry and this coat of arms will be my symbol. The tattoo serves to show who I am inside, it serves to externalize my deep spiritual world. “

Vassil, the tattoo artist, is hearing this speech more and more right now. In Kiev, patriotism is also on the body of Ukrainians. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, there has been a real rise in patriotic tattoos in the capital. In this establishment, one in three customers asks for one. That’s three more than before the war. “We are seeing a growing demand for patriotic tattoos right nowadmits Vassil. This was already known in 2014 during the first Russian aggression, and then also during the two Patriotic Revolutions, the Orange Revolution and the Maidan Revolution.

“These tattoos are symbols like the trident, maps of Ukraine in its entirety, ears of wheat, vyshyvanka, the Ukrainian shirt, and Cossacks!”

Vassil, tattoo artist

to franceinfo

Before the war, fashion was very different, on the tattoo side. “It simply came to our notice then. notes the director of the show, Ludmilla, portraits of children or relatives, landscapes too, lion or tiger heads, ornamental drawings. Now people want fighters, Cossacks, to symbolize the national history that is unfolding and that we are living. “ And according to Lyudmilla, these tattoos are also a way for Ukrainians to show solidarity with soldiers fighting on the front lines.

The rise of patriotic tattoos in Ukraine – the report by Boris Loumagne


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