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simple exercises to improve your eyesight

Changes in lifestyles over the centuries have caused many changes in our bodies. The industrial age, for example, has made men less robust because they no longer perform as many physical tasks, circadian rhythms have changed markedly with the amount of light in cities. The eyes have become much less efficient due to the fact that too much time is spent observing objects at short distances (screens, telephone, tablet, etc.) unlike previous centuries when men spent their time in open expanses (mountains , seas, fields, etc.), in addition to overexposure to blue light and lack of medical follow-up, all these factors make eye fatigue a real modern health problem.

Other than medical prescriptions, dietary supplements (vitamin A for example), glasses or filters, there is a way to relieve and improve your vision, this way is the “yoga of the eyes”.

This yoga is a series of eye exercises to strengthen the capacity and reduce eye fatigue, it was the ophthalmologist William Bates who developed a series of exercises to relax and irrigate them, the “Bates method” states that some of the eye disorders are due to staring at the same lens and lack of blinking, which causes a lack of irrigation and tearing. the dry eye ”that is affecting more and more people because of screens and cell phones.

Here is a list of simple, quick, and doable exercises at any time of the day:

Eyelash: This lubricates and cleanses the eye, the eyelash occurs spontaneously about every 7 seconds but this frequency decreases sharply when attaching a device, do it several times quickly.

Alternating close-up: Place an object about two inches from your eyes and stare at it and then look at another object farther away, go back to the original object and repeat this movement several times gently, this will get your eyes used to alternating between near and far vision.

Draw shapes: Imagine shapes that go from the floor to the ceiling and try to outline them with your eyes without moving your head, this exercise will make your oculomotor muscles work.

Simply rest your eyes by meditating and taking a deep breath, the eyes quickly deteriorate if the resting phase (sleep, inactivity) lasts less than their duration of use.

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