Show and demonstration "in the land of mowers"

Show and demonstration “in the land of mowers”

The Museum of Textile and Horn Combs will welcome the public at 3 pm on Sunday for an animation designed with the Art in General Association. On the program, the show “Journey to the Land of Mowers”, followed by a demonstration of mowing and a visit to the museum.

Throughout history, the shearing of sheep has been magnified by artists. Among the best known are Van Gogh (“The Mower”), Ken Follet (“The Pillars of the Earth”). In Ariège, agricultural work was accompanied by dances and music to soften the task. Especially the mowing which still holds an important place in the popular imagination. Many texts, nursery rhymes, engravings relate this scene of pastoral life. We sit in a circle, we start mowing and the rattles of the iron, the songs, the bursts of joy do not interrupt the musettes that make us dance…

The proposed show is an original creation that draws on the memory of the traditions of this folklore to reveal the rich rites of codes, movements, songs and texts that give real artistic value. It combines the four elements: mowing, dancing, music and orality. Thus, contemporary dance, music and voice will come together in this creation to reveal to the audience the mystery of a ritual that was once a matter of survival.

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