Les superstars NBA Draymond Green et Stephen Curry auraient vu leurs espoirs de titre disparaitre selon un ancien de la ligue

Shocking and violent revelations from the Warriors staff

Tensions are high in these NBA Finals, with the Warriors having to deal with some animosity on the Boston side. The franchise is debating with its fans, who do not hesitate to unleash on the opposing players, to destabilize them. The problem is that the staff is also affected, to the point that some are quite worried.

If the calm is rather present on the floor between Boston and Golden State, it’s something else on the part of the spectators. The Celtics have been heavily criticized for the past few days for their treatment in Game 3, with many insults and taunts at opposing players. Draymond Green was heavily targeted, to the point that even his wife had to react to defend herself on social media.

Warriors heavily targeted by opposing fans!

It’s not the best atmosphere in the world, clearly, and it’s not likely to work out in the future. We’ll see for Game 4, but let’s just say the Dubs are still expecting a very hostile reception. Why raise questions with the NBA, especially when you learn that Golden State staff are not spared this treatment. Two people gave a glimpse of life in Boston, as a Warrior.

“I’ve talked to a few people from the Warriors staff (who work in different roles for the organization), and their experience here in Boston is absolutely insane. »

One person explained that she “had to change her Dubs t-shirt this Wednesday morning because she was being insulted. Another: “I was given 17 fingers of honor.” »

No, the Warriors are not really welcome on the Boston side, but be careful not to cross a few boundaries. However, these reviews amuse Internet users, who point out that Draymond Green was not without reproaches against the Grizzlies:

The Warriors had no problem with the front fingers of honor

With a largely hostile reception from the Boston side, the Warriors need to manage to the best of their ability. It’s not easy, even in the playoffs, to deal with such pressure, especially when you’re just a staff member. Hopefully an improvement in the coming days, and especially that the limits are not crossed.

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