Shannkiyr wins the Quinté + of the day, the City Island Award

The arrival

The race

They were 15 to take part in this event, the City Island Award, disputed over the distance of 1850m to ParisLongchamp. In this raised race, it is Bleusky who took the best start with Portalis et Momarasa. The race was fast-paced. The favorite and future winner of the event, Shannkiyr and he came to settle in the rear.

Boomerang has long had the advantage in this event but at the entrance of the straight line he was severely attacked by Ronaldo, The Magnificent et Shannkiyr before being overflowed 200m from the finish post. At the cost of a beautiful end of race, Shannkiyr (4) found the passage and came to drop the opposition on a mere acceleration by making his whole class speak. He triumphs in this event and signs, on this occasion, the pass of two. He shows that he has the class to move up a category. Shannkiyr demonstrates that he can do everything, wait or go ahead, it doesn’t change the result. He makes a big impression again at the end of this race, he seems to be far behind in terms of his behavior in this event and he will now be able to knock on the door of the Listed. The Magnificent (12) he grabs second place in front Ronaldo (9). Trabuco (13) finishes fourth depending on Portalis (10) which completes the winning combination of this Quinté +.

Arrival: 4-12-9-13-10

Gérald Mossé: “It was fun to win in front of the fans!”

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