Safari Tabs Disappearing on iPhone: How to Fix?

When Safari tabs disappear on iPhone, you won’t be able to return to websites you previously visited on your device.

Safari tabs are gone on iPhone

While some users prefer Safari tabs to be automatically deleted by the browser, there are others who like the idea of ​​Safari tabs being saved by the browser.

When previously opened browsing tabs are saved by the browser, users can open interesting webpages in different Safari browsing tabs and visit them later (if necessary).

Therefore, the disappearance of Safari tabs can be a nightmare for this group of users compared to the other group who like the idea of ​​browser tabs being automatically deleted from the browser.

1. Access Hidden Safari Browsing Tabs on iPhone

When you open Safari browser on iPhone, it hides all browser tabs in the background and opens the last website you visited on your device.

However, all you need to view, view or access all of your saved Safari browsing tabs on iPhone is open it Safari browser and tap the Tabs Icon in the bottom menu.

This will bring up all of the Safari tabs you have saved on your device, along with thumbnails of webpages you previously accessed on your device.

Tapping the thumbnail preview will open the webpage while tapping X button deletes that specific Safari tab from your device.

2. Change the Safari setting to automatically close tabs

In most cases, all that is required to fix the iPhone Safari tabs disappearing issue is to change the Tabs setting in the Safari browser.

Open settings on your iPhone > go to safari > close tabs > Select the on the next screen Manually Possibility.

Manually close Safari tabs on iPhone

After that, Safari browsing tabs will remain available on your device until deleted manually or until Safari browsing history is deleted from iPhone.

3. Open recently closed tabs

Even if the Safari browser on your iPhone is not set to save tabs, you can still recover disappeared Safari tabs by going to the Recently Closed tab in Safari browser.

open that safari Browser on your iPhone and tap A book Icon is in the bottom menu.

Bookmark icon in iPhone Safari browser

On the next screen, tap clock icon and you will find all the websites you have previously visited on your device.

You can visit any previously opened web page by tapping the link for the web page you want to visit.

4. Bookmark previously visited websites on iPhone

Another way to save previously visited websites on iPhone is by tapping bookmark icon and select Add bookmarks for X-Tabs option in the context menu.

Bookmark multiple websites in iPhone Safari browser

Enter a description in the pop-up window Surname for the new bookmarks folder and tap Save on computer Possibility.

Name the bookmarks folder in iPhone Safari browser

All webpages open in multiple Safari tabs are saved in the New Bookmarks folder.

4. Update Safari browser

Because it is a system app, updates to Apple’s Safari browser are included in its iOS updates and standalone Safari updates are not available.

Go to settings > General > software update and allow iPhone to check for updates.

If an update is available, connect your device to charge and tap the Install Update option to install the latest iOS update on your device.

5. Enable background app refresh

While preventing apps from app refreshing in the background will help reduce mobile data usage, it can sometimes prevent Safari tabs from being saved on iPhone or showing up on your device.

Go to settings > General > Update background app > Select on the next screen WiFi & cellular data (If you agree to the use of cellular data)

Note: Preventing background app refresh is unlikely to be the reason behind disappearing Safari tabs on iPhone.


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