Sad news for Julien Courbet and the many fans of the star host: M6 puts a stop to the show "Call for witnesses"

Sad news for Julien Courbet and the many fans of the star host: M6 puts a stop to the show “Call for witnesses”

This is a real frustration for the French host. The M6 ​​channel announced the end of the show “Call for Witnesses”, presented by Julien Courbet. In particular, he reversed this decision in an interview with “Télé-Star”.

Host of French television for a long time

An iconic and well-known French television presenter, Julien Courbet has made himself known through his many experiences. LThe 57-year-old from Bordeaux presented the best-known shows, such as “The Weak Link”, “To Take or Leave”, “Don’t Touch My Post”, “Capital” or “The Seven Deadly Sins”. In fact, the 50-year-old also has a career in radio.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

Julien Courbet quickly made a name for himself through his career. In fact, on June 7, 2021, he was in charge of hosting the show “Call for Witnesses” with Nathalie Renoux. More specifically, this is a program in which several French criminal cases are being studied. On the set, the relatives and families of the victims give their testimony, which is complemented by the opinion of specialists. However, due to low audiences, M6 has decided and unfortunately for the presenter, the program will not be renewed.

Julien Courbet announces the end of his show on M6

This is the cold shower for fans of the show. With audiences on the sidelines, the major TV channel decided not to continue the show “Call for witnesses”.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

In an interview with “Télé Star”, Julien Courbet wanted to announce the suspension of the program: “It’s going to stop.” He went on to explain: “The bias was to do it with the police and the gendarmerie.” Viewers were asked to call to advance an investigation. The calls could be seen arriving, but no one on the set was allowed to say what the content was. So there was frustration! “, Said the presenter, without giving further information.

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