"Rusticism and simplicity have prevailed in the field"

“Rusticism and simplicity have prevailed in the field”

INTERVIEW – Defense Innovation Agency Director Emmanuel Chiva is learning from the Russian invasion of Ukraine in terms of armaments.

Emmanuel Chiva is the director of the Defense Innovation Agency. Founded in 2018, AID coordinates and drives the Ministry of the Armed Forces’ innovation policy.

THE FIG. – Is the war in Ukraine innovative or traditional? And what lessons do you learn from it?

Emmanuel CHIVA. – The first lesson of this war, this is the land that stands out with rusticity and simplicity. Armies know how to be hyper sophisticated. But it should be considered to make it cheaper, easier, easier to use, without it means being low tech. We will incorporate these lessons into our AID strategy. Robustness is not opposed to technology.

The second lesson is the collision of the different fields of conflict. The conflict is not only terrestrial, naval and air but also cyber or space. This encourages us to continue our efforts. For example, we launched the Keraunos project, which provides an optical communication link…

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