Rose, his supposed mistress, caught sight of the queen's jubilee

Rose, his supposed mistress, caught sight of the queen’s jubilee

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The aristocrat who allegedly shook the Cambridge was seen on June 3.

William, infidel? In April 2019, a rumor oh how much shocking short on the prince: he would deceive Kate Middleton. And the mistress in question would be a certain Rose Hanbury.

A former model who became the wife of the 8th Marquis of Cholmondeley, the 30-year-old is an aristocrat with a frivolous reputation. Rose, a blue-blooded jet-setter, had struck a chord with the British by posing as a candy pink bikini alongside former Prime Minister Tony Blair in 2005. She also reportedly flirted with Hugh Grant. Today, the one that is presented as one “Rural rival” of Kate Middleton by the tabloids was seen at St. Mary’s Cathedral. Paul for the Queen’s Jubilee.

« We don’t know what happened, but One day Kate said to William: ‘She’s not getting her feet back on me’which was pretty clear. It was: ‘don’t do it again, bar. It is absolutely obvious that they have overcome this and that William no longer makes a decision without her. Decisions are made in pairs, William is extremely confident“Journalist Anne-Élisabeth Moutet said recently about rumors of infidelity at Cambridge. This June 3, they are probably relaunched.

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