Roland Garros - Ladies Final - Iga Swiatek: "Happier and Prouder Than 2020"

Roland Garros – Ladies Final – Iga Swiatek: “Happier and Prouder Than 2020”

So it wasn’t a “one shot”. A divine surprise born of the euphoria of a fortnight where she had walked on water. Iga Swiatek won Roland-Garros in 2020. She handed it over in 2022. The shape has remained the same: she has devastated everything in her path. A tornado. But apart from the happy ending, in the end, everything separates these two crowns. If, as one does not choose between two of her children, she refuses to choose her favorite title, the latest one probably brings her even more satisfaction.

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Frankly, it’s so different from 2020said the Pole on Saturday. In 2020, the thing I felt the most was confusion because I never believed 100% that I could win a Grand Slam, when this time it was simply based on work. I am more aware of what it takes to win a Grand Slam. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle, you have to put all the elements together, every aspect of the game has to be put together. I am even happier and even more proud of myself. “


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Iga Swiatek with “his” trophy.

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That the beginning of the adventure

As if the suddenness of its outbreak a little over a year and a half ago (Roland-Garros was held in October 2020) did not entirely belong to it. As if great happiness and immense honor had fallen upon him simultaneously. There she mastered everything. Before. During. And, she wants to believe, after. “I feel better prepared and strongershe assures. Two years ago, it was a little difficult to handle, but now I’m ready to celebrate a little more serenely.

In a way, more than a second title, this is a second first title for Iga Swiatek, as she no longer looks like the Iga of Fall 2020 at all. She had triumphed without considering it. This time, everything was different. For the first time, she went on to claim a major title as world number one, with ultra-favorite status. That’s why his coach Tomasz Wiktorowski is convinced that this is another new start. “This is just the beginning of this adventure, we still have a lot to dohe announces.

Looking at the score of his seven games, one would think that Iga Swiatek had a quiet Roland-Garros. Outside of her round of 16 against China’s Zheng, the only one to take a set, she crushed the competition. But his biggest opponent was the context. His status. This series of 28 victories ahead of the Paris Grand Slam. Match after match, she repeated that everything was fine on this side. It’s the game, and she couldn’t say anything else. In reality, this was the most complex element of the equation.

The hardest part of Grand Slam is not getting too busy when you’re not playing

Managing pressure is the hardest part of the job, she concedes today. Because we see in the Grand Slams, there are a lot of surprises that can happen and it’s not easy to handle that pressure. Yes, I felt it. I told myself that the hardest part was not thinking about it too much, over-analyzing things, and thinking about numbers and the likelihood of winning or not.The hardest part of Grand Slam is not getting too busy when you’re not playing. For example, Friday was a difficult day. A fortnight like that is complicated, everyone reminded me of those numbers.But I worked hard on that. I have progressed and it is also something I am proud of. “

She manages, Iga, she manages. You can’t win nine consecutive finals on the circuit with impunity (she lost the very first one in the spring of 2019 and hasn’t failed there since) without having a certain ability to control her emotions. She says treat these finals “like any other game“A lure, of course. She’s also under extra stress before a game where a title is on the table. But tennis is played in pairs:”I tell myself that there is tension in the front as well. The key is to be less stressed than your opponent. “

She deserves it, and we all deserve a few days off“Tomasz Wiktorowski smiled. Another way of saying that these two weeks have definitely not been a long quiet river. Iga Swiatek plans to take a break.”I’m going to spend at least a week at home in Warsaw“, said the Queen of Roland. Afterwards, it will be time to think about the sequel. The mind freed from a certain weight.

Iga Swiatek at Roland Garros in 2022

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