Roland-Garros 2022 - Carlos Alcaraz after his elimination: "I feel I have the level to win a Grand Slam"

Roland-Garros 2022 – Carlos Alcaraz after his elimination: “I feel I have the level to win a Grand Slam”

Suddenly he was his age. Despite proving, tournament after tournament for months, that he is scheduled to win, this Tuesday, the robot Carlos Alcaraz experienced a bug at the start. At 19, for the first time in the quarterfinals here, the Spaniard returned to his game in the third set. It’s late. Especially in the face of customers as serious as the authoritarian Alexander Zverev.

If the German promised mountains and wonders to the new pertussis of the circuit in the future, it was time for him to start his quarterfinals. “What I missed was getting my game off to a better starthe admitted in a press conference. In the third and fourth sets, I started to play better but it wasn’t enough. I started too lateHis start in the third set and his fury in the fourth almost pushed the German to a fifth inning. But waiting to be on the wall to rebel remains a risky strategy.


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Different from the US Open, same purpose

This Tuesday, we saw the difference between a prodigious minot who still discovers these altitudes and a regular at second week appointments. “He has already played in a Grand Slam final, a Grand Slam semi-final. I don’t have enough tanned leather yet“,” he slipped into a smile.

Already, I’ve discovered playing a Grand Slam quarterfinalhe estimated at the time of taking stock of his fortnight in Paris, stopped earlier than some would have thought. I could have discovered it at the US Open but I was hurt. Here it was completely different, I played, I had opportunities to fight and opportunities to qualify for the semifinals. But at this level, you play against the best players in the world, who have already experienced these sensations. The most important thing, I believe, is to live these moments, on these kinds of Grand Slam rides“.

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No pressure on “favorite” status

Was he able to experience any form of pressure in view of the predictions that bombarded him with a favorite in this quarter-final and a candidate for the final victory? “I didn’t think I was the favorite during this gamehe swept before returning to this heavy status of exciting outsider. It didn’t bother me to feel like I was a favorite, I didn’t think so. Today, Zverev was just better than me“He remains proud to have the impression of giving his all, even too late.”I leave the court and the tournament with my head held highhe added.

But if the phenomenon of Alcaraz has attracted so much on this fortnight, and long before on the circuit, it is because it is inhabited by the intimate conviction of having a golden destiny. This defeat did not alter this state of mind when listening to him. “I have the skills and the level to be able to win this game, he explained. I’m not going to say the opposite: I still feel like I can win a Grand Slam, I feel like I have the level. But the matches are long and there are details that escaped me today. I need to learn and work on these little details that I need to improve“So, go to the next test. To validate it, this time?


The Grand Slam is something else



Zverev, as we would like to see him all the time


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