Reality TV star Mujdat Saglam has been charged with fraud

Reality TV star Mujdat Saglam has been charged with fraud

On Instagram, he immortalizes his stays in heavenly areas, films himself in the gym, poses next to beautiful cars. But this glorious way of life, typical of small screen influencers, could it have been maintained in part illegally? Former reality TV candidate Mujdat Saglam was remanded in custody on Wednesday in a scam case, according to a 20 minutes confirmed to the Parisian.

Known for his role in the “Princes and Princesses of Love”, Mujdat Saglam, now an influencer on social media and followed by 600,000 people, was arrested and remanded in custody on Tuesday. He was arraigned on Thursday on charges of breach of trust, fraud, forgery and misuse, misappropriation of social property, bankruptcy, money laundering and money laundering, a judicial source said. He was placed under judicial control.

The 35-year-old man is suspected of having established false documents to obtain loans, a judicial source is developing at 20 Minutes. The contractor also allegedly issued false transfer orders, had goods delivered to him that he had subsequently failed to pay, and obtained a double bank loan.

Already known to justice

The damage from these alleged facts is estimated at around 2 million euros.

The former reality TV candidate, also known for his past relationship with the star Milla Jasmine (He was then nicknamed “the guy at Milla”), has already had a fight with justice. In February 2020, the contractor had been remanded in custody with his brothers following a quarrel in Essonne.

An altercation broke out in the town of Grigny between the Saglam family, who owned a business, and another family who had solicited the contractor’s family for work. A shot was then fired during the clash, triggering the mobilization of police on the spot, but no one was injured.

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