Quinté +: GRAND NATIONAL DU TROT PARISTURF - LAVAL - 08/06/2022: starters, predictions and results in videos - Equidia.fr

Quinté +: TROPIC NIGHT SESSION AWARD (TITANIA AWARD) – PARIS-VINCENNES – 10/06/2022: starters, predictions and video results

Our opinion: FLASH GORDON (11)

Excessively unlucky on May 6, this formidable finisher then left a favorable impression, a month later, in the Kissa Prize (4th). At the end of a clear journey, he can get everyone to agree.

Race analysis

After a disappointing second half of 2021, Flash Gordon (11) has found a bite again this year. Capable of sharp end of the race, this student of Maxime Bézier discovers here a commitment largely within his reach. If he manages to get back to the entrance of the straight line, he will not be far from the truth. Impeccable and confirmed in such a company, Faredgio Menuet (12) can be considered a solid base by Quinté + players. Euphoric at the moment, Formi (7) and First du Bois (2) are slightly up in category with legitimate pretensions. Zante Laser (1) has by far the lowest bank account, but its best performance gives it a good theoretical chance. Uncomfortable in the Vichy turns last Tuesday, Falco Berry (6) is expected to show a completely different face this time. Diego du Houlet (13) and Fille du Chêne (8) seem to be barred by the main favorites, but can be slipped at the end of the combination.

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