Putin operated on for "advanced cancer: 'The end is near' for Russian president, according to US intelligence

Putin operated on for “advanced cancer: ‘The end is near’ for Russian president, according to US intelligence

According to US intelligence, Vladimir Putin received treatment for cancer “at an advanced stage” in April.

Vladimir Putin’s health has been at the heart of many rumors since the start of the conflict in Ukraine. Yet, according to Newsweeka US intelligence report says the Russian president has been treated for “advanced cancer” in April.

The American magazine anonymously cites three senior US intelligence officials, “in three different agencies”: one working in the National Intelligence Agency (DNI) office, and one in the Defense Intelligence Agency. DIA) and a former Air Force officer.

“Everyone feels the end is near”

One such source is clear: “Everyone feels that the end is near.” The latter claims that Vladimir Putin has been followed by oncologists for two years, and that “the April operation was under local anesthesia in the abdomen”, suggesting that the Kremlin leader had suffered. pancreatic cancer. “

According to US intelligence, this weakening of Putin makes it more unstable, but paradoxically lowers the risk of a nuclear conflict. In short, the chain of command would no longer be ready to blindly follow the Russian president. His condition also hints at an impending succession, which led to an assassination attempt in March, according to Newsweek sources, who do not say whether this was an internal conspiracy or not.

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