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Profile Draft 2022 – Bennedict Mathurin: the beautiful story of the cuvée

“Dance on Mathurin’s farm, hiya hiya ho”, sorry I put a nursery rhyme in your head for the day, but you couldn’t do without it. Bennedict Mathurin’s childhood was not as farm, sweet and peaceful as the nursery rhyme. Today, the Canadian back has overcome obstacles and has never been so close to the NBA, as close to becoming a star as his namesake Benedict Cumberbatch.


  • Age: 19 years old todayhe will reach his twenties a few days before the Draft.
  • Position: Rear sponsored by Duracell.
  • Team : Arizona Wildcatsmeow
  • Size : 201 centimeterssame as Dray Green
  • Weight : 95 kilosas Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
  • Scope : 210 centimeters
  • Statistics 2021-22 : 17.7 points at 45% on shots including 36.9% from a distance, 5.6 rebounds, 2.5 assists on 32.5 minutes of play on average over the season.
  • Comparison : Jason Richardson on the ceiling, and Tim Hardaway Jr. on the floor?
  • TrashTalk forecast : 8th place


Bennedict Richard Felder Mathurin was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec with his older brother Dominique and older sister Jennifer. Their mother is alone and is often absent because of her work, so the siblings start basketball together to forget about their difficult life and discover a real passion in it. The eldest of the family also starred in the NC State University program. During his training, the two fringes continue to play basketball on the playground in their rather modest neighborhood of Montreal, and one day when they were returning home, Dominique, 15, was knocked over by a car and succumbed to his injuries. Bennedict is only 12 years old and sees his life upset by the death of his older brother, as well as the absence of his mother and older sister, who are studying 1,400 kilometers from Canada. He starts dating bad people, but he will encounter his lifebuoy, the orange bullet. He decides to follow his older sister’s advice and asks his high school coach to accommodate her. Bennedict Mathurin is already good at basketball and is spotted by an executive on the Mexican campus of the NBA Academy. His high school coach is anxious to see him leave the country, but this is the opportunity of a lifetime for a young boy who has to leave the neighborhoods as soon as possible otherwise he will plunge back.

The choice will pay off, and the Canadian is spotted by several universities, but he eventually decides to join the University of Arizona. In his freshman season, the back is off the bench, averaging 10.7 points with a 31-pawn season-high on his first start. The seduction operation didn’t work out well enough, and Bennedict withdraws his name from the 2021 Draft. to take the Wildcats leader. The now incumbent No. 2 has increased his scoring average by 7 points, leading Arizona to its ninth conference title, the CAP 12. The press and coaches will reward his great season, with a title of best conference player and a presence in the AP Second All-American Team. Bennedict is also an unfortunate finalist for the Jerry West Award, won by another Wisconsin sophomore Johnny Davis. In March Madness, the Wildcats leader continues to lead his team with an average of 21.8 points over all three games played. Arizona are eliminated in the Sweet Sixteen by Houston, after going in extremis in the previous round thanks to Ben ’30 points. Here they are out of the race as with their 33 wins this season, many saw the Wildcats as national title contenders. At the same time, when you see a collective like this in action, it sure makes you dream.

Bennedict Mathurin has done well to withdraw his name from the 2021 Draft, given the progress he has been able to show on the pitch as a starter this season. His body has been able to grow even more to please reluctant NBA scouts last year. The Canadian is also great for a back, which gives him a nice advantage over the drives to jump over the hoop and put his defender on the final photo of the poster. His first step is explosive, the ascent to the circle is straight as a picket, and his body is strong enough to end up in contact and chain the and-ones. Next to that, we have before us one of the best 3-point shots of this Draft 2022 cuvée. With its parking success rate at 38.3% over its two academic years, Ben ‘knows how to shoot artillery without ever hesitating to fire two meters from the line. It is this alternation between long range shooting and penetration play that allows him to be potentially selected as high. The majority of his 3-point shots are taken in catch-and-shoot, and with his devastating drive, he can bring a huge amount to the franchise that selects him, no matter what players are already around: he is ready for the League. And with his fight present in his aggression in the circle and in his will to chip in offensive rebounds, a team will find theenergizer which was missing from his roster in Bennedict Mathurin. For fun, we offer you just one of his most beautiful posters of the season, to be consumed without moderation.

However, there are still a few tweaks left for the Montreal native to take a new step as a player. Next to his inside play and shooting from the parking lot, he lacks a reliable mid-range shot. Today, No. 2 is too little to play below the 3-point mark, and that is clearly going to play in his NBA debut. If we continue in the offensive aspect, Ben ‘Mathurin and the creation of shots, whether for others or for himself, it’s been two. On his sophomore season, he takes very few shots off the dribble and his passes are sometimes too blurry, or by not looking at the game enough, he misses the opportunity to offer pompous caviar. But the development of this aspect of his game will also depend on the role he will play in the franchise that will select him, he may not be the only leader he was last year, and will be accompanied by a leader who can pass these balloons. On the other side of the field, the Canadian has improved in defense since his freshman year but still lacks regularity, concentration, especially away from the ball. Next year in the NBA, there will be no more of his pivotal teammate Christian Koloko to catch up on his nonsense by countering the player he had not seen cut in his back. Whatever He’s in the running for the Pelicans right now, so with Jose “Grand Theft” Alvarado at the helm known for his repeated balloon steals, and Zion Williamson patapouf ready like ever to tap opponents, Bennedict has perhaps found the team that will accept its imperfections.



  • Very reliable parking shot
  • Finish in transition
  • Physics and athletics


  • Lack of concentration in defense
  • Creating shots for others and himself
  • Mid-range shooting to be developed


  • ESPN announces Bennedict Mathurin in 8th position.
  • Bleacher Report announces Bennedict Mathurin in 8th position.
  • The Athletic announces Bennedict Mathurin in 8th position.
  • Draft Room announces Bennedict Mathurin in 11th position.
  • Tankathon announces Bennedict Mathurin in 9th position.

On June 23, Bennedict Mathurin could become the second NBA Global Academy graduate to be drafted, after Josh Giddey last year. Another historic step for the Canadian, who continues to show that he deserves to be where he is after a very difficult childhood and adolescence.

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