Problem reconnecting calls on WhatsApp on iPhone

The problem of reconnecting WhatsApp calls on iPhone has been reported by users. You should be able to fix this issue with the troubleshooting steps given below.

WhatsApp Reconnect Calls on iPhone

If you find voice or video calls dropping on WhatsApp while WhatsApp is trying to restore the call, the problem could be due to a temporary glitch in WhatsApp, poor network connection, and other reasons.

In many cases, WhatsApp call reconnecting issue can be fixed by disconnecting the WhatsApp voice or video call and making the call again after 30 seconds.

If that didn’t help, you should be able to fix the problem with the troubleshooting steps given below.

1. Disconnect WhatsApp

As mentioned above, start by disconnecting WhatsApp Call and try making the call again after 30 seconds. This can be helpful if the problem is due to a temporary bug in WhatsApp.

You can also try asking the person on the other end to end the call and call back after a few minutes.

2. Enable/Disable Airplane Mode

Turning Airplane mode on and off is known to fix network connection on iPhone by updating WiFi, cellular and Bluetooth networks.

Go to settings > Move the switch next to airplane mode to ON Position. After 30 seconds Disable airplane mode by moving the switch to OUT Position.

3. Update WhatsApp

open that app store on your iPhone > Search for Whatsapp and tap the Refresh button. located next to WhatsApp Messenger.

Update WhatsApp on iPhone

If the “Update” button is not available, it means that your iPhone is already running the latest version of WhatsApp.

4. Reboot the iPhone

The WhatsApp call reconnection issue on iPhone could be due to stuck programs or processes that are preventing WhatsApp from working properly.

Go to settings > General > scroll down and tap shut down. On the next screen, use the slider drive OUT iPhone.

Slide to Turn off iPhone

Allow the iPhone to fully shut down > wait 30 seconds > Start anew iPhone and check if WhatsApp is working properly now.

5. Disable power saving mode

If your iPhone is running low on battery life, it may have automatically entered sleep mode. If so, go to settings > battery > move Low power mode switch to OUT Position.

Disable Sleep Mode on iPhone

Once the WhatsApp call ends, you can turn on power saving mode to save power or plug in your device to charge.

6. Reset network settings

Make a note of your WiFi network password and follow the steps below to reset network settings on your iPhone.

Go to settings > General > Transfer or reset iPhone > Reset to default > Select in the pop-up window Reset network settings Possibility.

Reset network settings on iPhone

In the confirmation popup, select the Reset to default option to confirm.

7. Enable the use of background data

Allowing WhatsApp to update its data in the background can help improve call quality by allowing WhatsApp to update data in real time.

Go to settings > Whatsapp > Activate Update background app.

Enable background app refresh for WhatsApp

Note: If you’re on a limited cellular plan, you can reduce cellular data usage on iPhone by leaving this option turned off.

8. Allow WhatsApp to use mobile data

If WhatsApp on your iPhone is set to only use the Wi-Fi network, you may want to allow WhatsApp to use cellular data. This can be helpful if the WhatsApp reconnecting issue on your device is caused by the WiFi being out of range.

Go to settings > cellular > Move the switch next to Whatsapp to ON Position.

Allow WhatsApp to use mobile data on iPhone

Now that WhatsApp has access to cellular data, it can use both WiFi and cellular network.

9. Disable low data mode

If you use cellular data to make WhatsApp calls, turning off cellular data low data mode should help improve call quality.

Go to settings > cellular > Cellular data options and disable Low data mode.

Turn off low data mode on iPhone

After disabling low data mode, you should experience better call quality on WhatsApp.

10. Uncheck the Use less data for calls option.

By default, WhatsApp is set to use less data when making calls. Since you are having call quality issues, you may want to turn off the “Use less data for calls” option in WhatsApp.

Open Whatsapp on your iPhone > go to settings > storage and data > Turn off Use less data for calls Possibility.

Use Less Dara for Calls option in WhatsApp

Note: This can result in increased data usage for WhatsApp calls.


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