Pro-Russian forces manage to cut off one of the roads leading to Avdiivka

Pro-Russian forces manage to cut off one of the roads leading to Avdiivka

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Moscow and its allies are advancing on the ground of the Donbass. Far to the east, Severodonetsk seems about to fall. And in the north, territories already held by Russia’s allies, the pro-Russian separatists, claimed on Wednesday (June 1st) that they had gained a tactical gain by cutting off one of the only two roads leading to the town of Avdiivka, near of Donetsk.

With our correspondent in Moscow, Anissa El Jabri

It has been two weeks since the assault on this fortified and fortified city was being prepared. In Donetsk, authorities had asked civilians to evacuate the area from the northern agglomeration.

Avdiivka is, in a way, on the outskirts of the capital of this pro-Russian separatist republic. In the last few days, the battle for control of Donetsk had become fierce, with missiles falling on this industrial city: warning sirens, dead and wounded in the heart of the city …

This Wednesday, June 1, pro-Russian forces announced the takeover of an important axis, one of the two supply lines of the Avdiivka garrison. In other words, if this claim is confirmed, the Russian military pressure on this city would have risen by several notches.

Its capture would represent two gains: symbolic gain, because since 2014 it has been almost on the front line, conquered that year by the separatists and then taken over; tactical gain as well, since bending Avdiivka would be, for the Russians, a way to make their way to the great city of Kramatorsk, barely a hundred miles away.

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