President Tshisekedi's security adviser François Beya charged with conspiracy

President Tshisekedi’s security adviser François Beya charged with conspiracy

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His trial will open on Friday, June 3, 2022 before the highest criminal court of the Congolese armed forces. It is a high-tension trial against François Beya, a man who served the country’s successive leaders.

With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Pascal Mulegwa

After being arrested by the National Intelligence Agency Last February, François Beya was detained at Makala Central Prison by the General Audit Office of the Armed Forces. He was therefore heard by the military in April, and his indictment has just been notified.

His trial is set to take place in the High Court on Friday. A Court whose judgments may not be appealed.

According to judicial sources, the former security adviser to President Felix Tshisekedi has been charged with several counts of conspiracy against the life or person of the head of state, inciting the military to disobey and committing acts to the contrary. to their status. A matter therefore under state security. Four generals, including the Chief of Military Intelligence and the Chief of Police of Kinshasa, have been appointed by the military audit as witnesses.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post or with alleged accomplices. These include senior army and police officers. There is his private secretary and two colonels, one of whom is a member of the Republican Guard, the unit in charge of protecting the head of state. As an indictment at the disposal of the Auditor General, an audio message by the author, a brigadier, is on the run. He is also considered the main accused. There is also a woman, a police commander in one of Kinshasa’s communes.

The relatives of François Beya and the group that defends its interests in the media are advocating for the hearings to be public and broadcast live on state television and talk about a conspiracy that hides a palace war in the entourage of the President Congolese.

In early February, the busy man was arrested and detained for a month at the National Intelligence Agency. The case had spilled a lot of ink. To explain this arrest, the presidency of the Republic mentioned at the time, without further details, “ serious indications of actions against national security ».

He will be tried in his detention center at Kinshasa Central Prison. All defendants face heavy sentences in a court of law whose appeals cannot be appealed.


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