PMU - The quintet arrives on Thursday, June 9 in ParisLongchamp: Centenario confirms its progress

PMU – The quintet arrives on Thursday, June 9 in ParisLongchamp: Centenario confirms its progress

Arrival of the quintet: 11 – 1 – 9 – 7 – 10. Not leaving : 14

Head to the Bois de Boulogne and the hippodrome of ParisLongchamp (Paris XVIe) for the quintet of the day. This big handicap played in the middle of the night highlighted the younger generation with fifteen competitors, all aged 3 years, on the course of the 1,300 m of the new track, after the package of Sakharah (n ° 14).

This event played a big part in the favorites, including the victory of Centenary (n ° 11). Winner on this same track on May 12, he doubled the bet despite his three and a half kilos of overload. After waiting in seventh or eighth position, he produced an excellent acceleration and showed the strongest while leaning to his left 150 m from the finish. He wins his first quintet from his first participation and offers a third victory this Thursday to his partner Theo Bachelot : “He was mounted very naturally,” said his coach Stephane Wattel to Equidia’s microphone. Its big gap at the end does not seem to be very worrying because the track of ParisLongchamp is very wide. His performance is all the more commendable as the second is in my opinion a good horse. »

One of the favorites, Court of the King (No. 1) once again performed remarkably well. After winning the benchmark quintet in mid-May, he narrowly failed to succeed despite his four-and-a-half-pound penalty. With his No. 6 on the rope, he quickly found himself at the outposts before putting on a very good kick and being very catchy in the final phase. He is ahead Lily Rose (No. 9) whose end of the race did not go unnoticed. Gifts (n ° 7) et The Dream (No. 10), separated in this order after photography, by only one nose, complete the arrival of the quintet.

Stephan Flourent, Steavie Doussot and the synthesis indicated the quintet in disorder.

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