PMU Result Fifth of the race BEAUTIFUL AIR PRIZE

PMU Result Fifth of the race BEAUTIFUL AIR PRIZE

CENTENNIAL et BACHELOT T. impose themselves in the BEAUTIFUL AIR PRICE at LONGCHAMP (R1C6) – Thursday, June 9, 2022

16 registered
Non-departure (s): 14

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€ 7.20 € 7.80 € 8.50 € 7.80

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Race commentary

COURT OF THE KING et CENTENNIAL had in common to stay on a victory at ParisLongchamp. They fully confirmed the arrival of the Bel Air Award, quintet of this Thursday, the victory returning to the last city.

In a race hosted by ZANOTCHKA et COURT OF THE KING, CENTENNIAL progressed outside, nose to the wind in the last turn. He then found himself struggling with it COURT OF THE KING. Despite a gap on his left, in the end, CENTENNIAL was the strongest. To be credited with a good defense inside, COURT OF THE KING retained a meritorious 2nd place. In retreat, the waitress LILY ROSE finished well to complete the front podium GIFTSwho constantly galloped in a good row, on a second curtain, and THE DREAM, wisely mounted, on a fourth curtain, inside.

Enumerated arrival: 11-1-9-7-10

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