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Pietro delivered to Guéant by Aurélie | Fanny saved by Ingrid – The Mysteries of Love June 5, 2022 | The mysteries of love

Check out the full and complete summary of The Mysteries of Love Season 29 Episode 11 IN ADVANCE on Sunday, June 5, 2022 on TMC. Chloe is very disturbed by her secret which has been revealed. Aurélie delivers Pietro to the police while Fanny is safe and sound thanks to Ingrid.

Your opinions on episode 11 of season 29 The Mysteries of Love (LMDLA S29e11) on Sunday, June 5, 2022.

Fanny safe and sound, she escaped the worst

It’s gone for the mysteries of love season 29 episode 11 in advance with a broadcast on Sunday, June 5, 2022. You can read the full summary of the previous episode LMDLA 29 × 10 online.

While Fanny was about to be kidnapped, Guéant and Stephanie landed in extremis. Just before, he said the mission was canceled and released Fanny.

This change of attitude is related to Tania and Ingrid who negotiated with Dominique. The concern is that he learns that the man has been arrested by the police but they will make sure he does not speak. Tania kisses Dominique.

Alban lends a hand to Victor and Jimmy at watersport..he says he’s part of the family now.

Aurélie tries to reason with Pietro… she thinks that he has lost his mind and that he does not differentiate between good and evil.

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Etienne indulges in the band on the florist’s favorite

Hélène confides in Nicolas about what happened to Gabriella. Together, they think Chloe needs support.

Etienne told Jeanne and Laly about his love for Mégane in the presence of José. He needs advice.

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Pietro is finally at the police station

Dumont brought the book to help Chloe revise her nursing competition. He sees that Chloe is not well. Chloe tries to relativize by saying it’s just fatigue. Chloe is upset, she loses consciousness in front of Dumont.

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Nicolas and Hélène welded in the tests

Ingrid comes to give Stephanie information about those who want Fanny. She thinks the mobsters are going to find new performers… but there’s a little respite for Fanny.
Ingrid asks Stephanie to free Dominique’s handyman because he’s afraid he’s talking.

The mysteries of love in advance episode 29 × 12 of June 5, 2022: Blessed crazy love for Alban, she will fall from above!

Joubert tells Ingrid that he is always at her disposal. She forces him to have dinner with Stephanie… because she doesn’t want her to suffer because of her. Joubert can no longer spend time with Stephanie on a regular basis because he only thinks of Ingrid.

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Chloe is afraid her secret will be revealed

Béné finds Alban extraordinary: when he is not there, he misses her. Olga thinks Béné is in love.

Aurélie planned to take Pietro to the police to report him. Pietro apologizes to Guéant for stabbing him. He is ready to be interned.

Hélène and Nicolas disembark at the hospital reception to see Chloé. Dumont announced that Chloe was unwell, preferring to observe her.

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