one of the main Ukrainian monasteries hit by strikes in the Donbass

one of the main Ukrainian monasteries hit by strikes in the Donbass

The Laureate of the Dormition of the Mother of God in Sviatohirsk is considered one of the three holiest sites in Ukraine for Orthodox believers. This famous monastery, which before the war attracted several thousand pilgrims each year, is now in the heart of the fighting zone in eastern Ukraine. He was again hit by a strike that destroyed a wooden church on Saturday, June 4th.

“Russian artillery strikes Sviatohirsk laurel again today”in the Donetsk region, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wrote in the Telegram, posting a video of the All Saints’ hermitage (skite) on fire.

Refugee civilians in the monastery

He recalled that the monastery had already been hit this week by Russian bombing “Killed four monks and seriously injured four others”. According to him, the laurel also houses three hundred civilians, including sixty children, who are taking refuge there in an attempt to escape the bombing.

The skit “It was first destroyed in Soviet times.” It was later rebuilt. And now he has been set on fire by the Russian army. “the president revolted, calling for the exclusion of Russia, a country “Barbarian”by Unesco.

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Russia’s Defense Ministry says its units in northern Sviatohirsk are not conducting “No fighting” in this region and accused the Ukrainian troops of“Set on fire” on the site.

The Muscovite branch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which runs the monastery, had previously announced that the skite fire had broken out at the “Continuation of hostilities”. “There is no immediate information on the victims”said the Church, which has just broken with Russia.

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