On Netflix and Apple TV +: 3 sparkling series to enchant your weekend

On Netflix and Apple TV +: 3 sparkling series to enchant your weekend

Among the spectacular lists of series recommendations from the Netflix catalogis often found very good entertainmentbut it is not known if they will be really effective for a vacuum, and to make us smile.

For those of you who would like to spend a “no” weekend, or just want hilarious proposals, CNET’s editorial staff has selected an animated series and two real-life comedies to watch on Netflix streaming platforms et Apple TV +.

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This weekend, CNET France recommends you Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Great News et The Snoopy Show.

What series to watch this weekend on Netflix and Apple TV +?

A “completely different” sketch series: Monty Python’s Flying Circus (Netflix)


An anthology of sketches, parodies of TV shows and improbable reports that denounce the shortcomings of British society.

The opinion of CNET France

Is it still necessary to introduce the Monty Python troupe? The six British geniuses have enjoyed worldwide success through their films, including Brian’s Life et Holy Grailand inspired a number of comedians and troupes, including Les Nuls en France.

Yet their first hit series, the Monty Python’s Flying Circus, produced between 1969 and 1974, was invisible in France until the early 1990s on television. It is essential to fully appreciate the extent of the sextet’s surreal madness, and even more so, how very few sketches have actually aged.

The four seasons of the Flying Circus want to be a field of experimentation pushing the boundaries of humor on television; and, in fact, the British censors of the BBC had mesh away with the troupe. Transitions between sketches are unlikely; the introduction, with a bearded man out of breath running aimlessly towards the camera to launch the credits, is even more so. The soft anarchy of the sketches, interspersed with handmade animations by Terry Gilliam (one of the many members of the troupe who will then pass behind the camera), is the identity of the program.

The Monty Pythons seem to enjoy everything: the length of the sketches, the valves inserted there to make them laugh first, voluntary technical problems (ill-arranged slides), the army, Cardinal de Richelieu. .. As with the best sketch series, listing the best starting points would be a gamble. Suffice it to say that many have tried to copy it Flying Circusno one succeeded.

The four seasons available on Netflix are not remastered in HD like the versions released in France at the end of last year, but are largely appreciable as they are. They are only available in French subtitled OV.

  • Check out the credits of the second season of Monty Python’s Flying Circus :

An adorable comedy: Great News (Netflix)


A television producer’s ambitions take an embarrassing turn when her mother joins the team as the channel’s new little intern.

The opinion of CNET France

Fans of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and du Saturday Night Live will surely recognize the name of Tina Fey, one of the most important voices in American comedy, who finds herself in the production of this project, alongside her sidekick Robert Carlock. Except here, the tone and characters are far less delusional than Kimmy Schmidt’s, and creator Tracey Wigfield focuses here on the backstage of a local news channel, MNN, and a parenting relationship. girl.

The Great News of the title is that the mother, Carol (Andrea Martin), in her sixties, decides to become an intern in MNN’s flagship show, The Breakdown … where her daughter Katie (Brig Wheelan). Which is far from ideal, as Katie has a hard time moving up the ranks to produce her segments in the show in a highly competitive work environment …

It’s hard not to think about Tina Fey’s flagship creation, 30 Rock (broadcast on Canal + and available on DVD). Everything is done to find its brand: egocentric presenters in the west, program star Chuck Pierce (John Michael Higgins), catchy little music by Jeff Richmond (working on 30 Rock), and lots of heartbreaking jokes about the world of turnkey television.

The difference is that over the course of the series, Katie and Carol learn to appreciate each other, and even help each other, and Carol tries, with more or less success, to cure some of the neuroses of these colleagues. The series also offers a very successful performance as an actress for Nicole Richie, as an incompetent co-host, light years from her reality TV show with Paris Hilton.

Great News is a slightly uneven but very endearing series, which has only known 2 seasons. Bonus for those who go beyond the first season: Tina Fey herself arrives as the new boss of MNN in season 2.

  • Immerse yourself in the series trailer:

An animated series that does not lack dogs: The Snoopy Show (Apple TV +)


The most acrobatic, intelligent and dreamy of all dogs is back for new adventures, surrounded by his best friend Woodstock and his faithful companions.

The opinion of CNET France

Snoopy has long been featured on screens around the world, through animated films around Christmas or Halloween produced in the 1960s, but traditionally rebroadcast every year across the Atlantic. A few years ago, France 3 even aired a series of comic book gags Peanuts drawn and thought for decades by Charles Schulz … And that’s without counting the release of the 3D animated film in 2015.

To launch its on-demand video service in 2019, Apple has been betting on Snoopy, its master Charlie Brown and his friends from the start, but not in any way. After a series of educational short films in partnership with NASA, Snoopy In Space, The Snoopy Show was launched in early 2021, with an approach that could be described as conservative.

As most of the animated series become more sophisticated and ambitious, the WildBrain Studios Canadians in charge of boxing the 13 episodes of Season 1 have had very strict guidelines: the series should be in 2D or not. Adults are still not talked about. Snoopy is not becoming popular on TikTok; moreover, it is not known what this is among the Peanuts. It is this deliberately restrictive approach that makes this new adaptation of the adventures of Peanuts… a spectacular creative success.

Rhythmed by jazzy chords that echo the music of Vince Guaraldi (composer of Snoopy specials in the 1960s), The Snoopy Show highlights his tandem with Woodstock (the bird), his dreamy whims of an airplane soldier on his way to Paris, or his plans to make a perfect snowman. If Charlie Brown is still so unlucky, he’s also very benevolent and sometimes saves the bet on Snoopy.

Visually, the colors and 2D animation have never been so bright, giving relief to the adage too little used in animation and youth programs: “the less we do, the better.” Divided into two or three segments, each episode shows a reverence of every moment of the Snoopy Show team to preserve the soul of the comic strips by Schulz. The simplicity of the stories, the dosage of the gags, the fluid timing of the animation: The Snoopy Show does not pay a dime, but its artistic integrity flies. And it can cause more than one to fall back into childhood. Season 2 is broadcast in two parts: the second part (7 episodes) is scheduled for this summer.

  • A preview of the Snoopy Show with its season 1 trailer:

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