Olivier Minne happy not to have had a child, few confidants about his private life

Olivier Minne happy not to have had a child, few confidants about his private life

Until very recently, Olivier Minne had made a point of keeping her privacy and privacy away from the media by revealing nothing about her love affairs or sexual orientation. It wasn’t until 2014 that he broke the silence by revealing thathe was bisexual or rather “heterome“in the show Les Grandes Gueules on RMC. Three years later, he confided in the journalists of BuzzFeed be gay: “I used this pirouette because I didn’t want to deny the stories I may have had with women (…). Today I would define myself as gay. I never went through this concealment phase because it all happened quietly in a family that didn’t ask questions about it.

If he has never been a lover in the past, the host of Fort Boyard yet he attaches great importance to his sentimental life, which for him is paramount to his happiness. “I love being in love, even if it is a feeling that generates joy but also sorrow. One can be in love with love, but also with one’s friends and family. I am a big lover. I like the idea that love is lived intenselyhe revealed to Gala in 2021.

However, the handsome brown who made a few appearances in the series A guy, a girladmits to being very happy alone and have a rather solitary character even though he enjoys having a lot of friends around him. “I think I tamed it very early on. I love being surrounded, I have a band, but in reality, I remain a loner. The world has never been so connected and yet it has never produced so much lonelinesshe told reporters Here it is in 2020.

Now 55, Olivier Minne has not found the one that made him want to start a family. A situation that does not sadden him, quite the contrary! Serein, the former host of Everyone has a say thus he will have no reproach or criticism of his offspring concerning their upbringing. No diapers to change, no teen crisis to deal with, no nonsense to scold, Olivier Minne is fully enjoying his life without children. “I tell myself that by not becoming a father, I avoid the inevitable reproaches that all parents face at some point. It’s comfortable. I have no regretshe admitted with humor.

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