Olivier Lafargue (Bourges): "If we're not happy after a season like this ..."

Olivier Lafargue (Bourges): “If we’re not happy after a season like this …”

Élodie Godin, captain of Bourges after the victory against Asvel synonymous with title of champions of France : “It’s been a long time for me without a title since 2018. In the meantime, there was the covid, an Achilles tendon injury, a half defeat. I’m happy to take the cup home. It’s been two seasons since we’ve had about the same band, we’ve been working hard. Many players grew up like Laëtitia (Handsome). It’s a great season, with three finals, and we win two.

It is all the more rare to fold a final in three matches. We played more than fifty games this season, at my age (36) it was starting to shoot. Even when it was less easy, we always had a girl to save our asses. I had never played three finals in the same season. It will be remembered to me that I did it with this group when a lot of girls are leaving. »

Bourges coach Olivier Lafargue : “There is pride in the work done. We stayed on our bases. Hampton, who has been playing with a sprained shoulder for three weeks, is reviving us. The girls have gone beyond the pain, it’s a pride. We were able to turn our backs. It’s a band that’s going to move, we needed to get that title together. It’s a vintage season, we’ve finished all the competitions. If you’re not happy after a season like this … But it’s not my best season personally. On the results, yes.

We will rest before projecting on the sequel. It’s been a long line this season, since the Games with the French team and this year. The upcoming holidays are good for everyone. My emotions are under control, because we are still in our basketball. I can say that in a day or two it will go down again, it will be much better! »


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