Not Enough iCloud Storage Error on iPhone

If you see the error message “Insufficient iCloud Storage” on iPhone or iPad, below are the steps to get rid of this error message on your phone.

Not enough iCloud storage message on iPhone and iPad

Generally, the error message “Insufficient iCloud Storage” occurs while iPhone is trying to back up its data to iCloud.

This error message indicates a lack of storage space in your iCloud account and has nothing to do with a lack of native storage space on your iPhone.

Therefore, the only way to fix not enough iCloud storage error on iPhone or iPad is to free up space in your iCloud account or buy additional iCloud storage space.

1. Turn OFF iCloud Photos

When iCloud Photos is turned on, photos you take on iPhone or iPad are automatically uploaded to iCloud and take up space in your iCloud account.

You can prevent iPhone or iPad from uploading photos to iCloud by turning off the iCloud Photos option.

Open settings > Tap yours AppleID.

Apple ID setting option on iPhone

Next go to iCloud > photos > Move the switch next to iCloud Photos to OUT Position.

Disable iCloud Photos on iCloud

On the confirmation pop-up, tap Remove from iPhone confirm.

Remove iCloud photos from iPhone

Note: The steps above only prevent new photos from being uploaded to iCloud. To free up storage space, you need to delete photos that have already been uploaded to iCloud.

2. Delete photos and videos from iCloud

The easiest way to free up iCloud space is to download iCloud photos to computer and delete them from your iCloud account.

Visit on your computer and sign in to your iCloud account. Once in iCloud, click the photos Tab.

Photos tab in iCloud

In the Photos app, click the photos Tab to switch to photo view.

Switch to photo view in iCloud

Next press command + A Keys to select All Photos and click download icon to start downloading all photos from iCloud to your Mac.

Download all photos to iCloud

Note: If you are on a Windows PC, press CTRL + A to select All Photos and click Download icon to download photos to your Windows PC.

After the photos have downloaded, click recycle bin icon to delete all selected iCloud photos.

Delete all iCloud photos

The deleted photos will still be available in your iCloud account for 30 days, after which they will be automatically deleted.

To free up iCloud storage immediately, you need to remove the deleted photos from Recently Deleted folder in iCloud.

Click on Recently deleted tab in the left pane. In the right pane, click Delete everything Option to permanently delete all photos from your iCloud account.

Erase all recently deleted photos from iCloud

3. Clear app data

Many apps on your device tend to back up their data to iCloud.

Go to settings > AppleID > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups > and tap yours iPhone located in the Backups section.

iPhone backup to iCloud storage info screen

On the next screen, disable the applications that you don’t want to back up data to iCloud by toggling the switch next to Apps to OUT Position.

Disable apps from storing data in iCloud

On the confirmation pop-up, tap Turn off and delete.

This will delete all app data stored by the app on iCloud Stored and also prevent the app from storing data on iCloud.

4. Delete iCloud backups

You can free up iCloud storage space by deleting old iPhone backups (previous iPhones or other devices associated with your Apple ID).

Go to settings > AppleID > iCloud > manage storage > fuses.

iCloud backup option on iPhone

On the next screen, choose to back up from old iPhone you want to delete.

Old iPhone backup to iCloud

On the next screen, scroll down and tap delete backup Possibility.

Delete iCloud backup on iPhone

On the confirmation pop-up, tap Disable and delete confirm.

This will remove your old iPhone’s backup from iCloud and prevent turning off iCloud backups for that device.

5. Buy more iCloud storage

As you can imagine, if you’re running out of iCloud storage, the easiest option would be to upgrade your iCloud storage plan to something that fits your growing iCloud storage needs.

iCloud storage isn’t that expensive, and Apple makes it really easy to buy more storage and switch back to the free storage plan at any time.

Go to settings > AppleID > iCloud > Manage Storage > tap Change storage plan.

Change iCloud storage plan option on iPhone

On the next screen, select the storage plan you want to find and tap Buy.

Refresh iCloud storage on iPhone

Once you complete the purchase, you’ll immediately see the total storage space in your account change to reflect the total storage space allowed by your new plan.


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