NBA - Warriors already under pressure after losing to Boston: "Approaching Game 2 with some form of distress"

NBA – Warriors already under pressure after losing to Boston: “Approaching Game 2 with some form of distress”

Fifteen points ahead in the third quarter! Twelve before the start of the last period. And then, patatras. The Warriors took the water, as rarely with a terrible 40 to 16 in the last 12 minutes marked in particular by a humiliating 20-2. Showered by a three-point rain (9/12 in the last quarter, 21/41 at the end), Steph Curry’s teammates suffered Celtic law (108-120). It’s not ideal, recognized the Oakland Bay star. When you have a team that found its Momentum like they did tonight and they keep firing, it’s hard to get that Momentum back“.

The slap is hard for Golden State. Because the three-time NBA champions had the game in their hands. But also because they let go of their first loss on their floor in these playoffs, leaving the Celtics the advantage of the field from their first outing. Which changes the look of this finale. “When you win the first game at home, there’s a sense of comfort, and you kind of get an idea of ​​what your opponent is up against, so you make your adjustments.“Warriors coach Steve Kerr acknowledged.”Obviously we will approach Game 2 with a form of distress … “


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We have been in that position

Slapped at the entrance in front of their fans, however, the Warriors are not shot down. It would be bad to know them, already. And then, it’s “only” game 1 of these NBA Finals. “There is nothing to panic about. This is the first team with four wins, not the first with one“Draymond Green launched.”It’s never funny to lose input and it hurts, obviously, but there’s no reason to panic.added Klay Thompson.

Boston Celtics – Golden State Warriors

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With its experience, the San Francisco-based franchise hopes to build on its rich past to recover as quickly as possible. “NWe have always taken up the challenges. We will raise that one. Our trust is not at all tarnished. You always have to win one on the road. And in our history, we have always done so“Green warned.”We’ve been in that position before and we’ve won a series after losing a start … You have to win on the outside anyway to win a playoff series.“Kerr added, while his team remained at 13 home games in a row to start a playoff series.

I know we will be better in the second game

Still, that loss puts Golden State in an emergency for Game 2, as Kerr summed up. Losing a second home game would surely give Boston a crucial advantage. The Warriors are not allowed to fall again on Sunday night. “We will digest what happened. I know we will be better in the second game. There is no reason to complain about a loss when another game comes soon“concluded Klay Thompson. Especially when you shouldn’t miss the next meeting …


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