N3: the reserve creates the surprise and goes up in N2!

N3: the reserve creates the surprise and goes up in N2!

Huge sensation this Saturday: the Stade Rennais reserve rises in N2 after its victory against Guipry-Messac at the end of a spectacular match (7-4).

Shouts of joy, then more shouts of joy, again. This early Saturday evening, the Stade Rennais reserve returned from afar. Leading 0-3 in 18 minutes of play on the field of Guipry-Messac, already doomed to relegation, the team of Pierre-Emmanuel Bourdeau did not lead wide. A timid reduction in Nugent’s score (22e) and the SRFC returned to the locker room led 3-1, in a match that could offer him the rise in N2, far from the break.

7 goals in 55 minutes

Yet the stars were aligned. At half time around 18:45, TA Rennes led 1-0 against Milizac, leader of the championship. In the event of a victory at the Stade Rennais and a defeat for Milizac, the SRFC rose to N2, at goal-average, having beaten the leader twice this season (2-0, 2-1). The Reds and Blacks were therefore busy doing the work, led by Maboulou, double scorer when the locker rooms returned (48e51e). 3-3 and soon 4-3, on a penalty kick signed by Kylian Gasnier, for his last game under the Stade Rennais jersey. The number 11, copiously applauded when he left the field later (80eLimon), largely participated in the festival following its realization.

Maboulou handed over one to get a triple (68e), while Samaké converted another penalty (74e), and that Françoise (76e) even entered a 7e goal in about 50 minutes for the SRFC! Although Guipry reduced the lead at the end of the game (82e), the Stade Rennais closed an incredible victory, celebrated as it should be in the central round. This joy was followed a few seconds later by a euphoria at the moment of learning the victory of TA Rennes against Milizac (3-1) formalizing the title of champion of N3 of the men of Bourdeau, and their ascent in N2!

At the end of an afternoon that was expected to be stormy, the sun came to bathe the end of the Red and Black season. “That’s football,” Pierre-Emmanuel Bourdeau summed up, the same wide smile on his face as Bernard Lebreton, who did not end up being surprised by this SRFC!

Pierre-Emmanuel Bourdeau’s reaction:

Data sheet:

The composition: Batola – G.Doué (Tutu, 60e), Eyoum, Françoise, Tirco (Rouillé, 39e) – Matondo, Nugent – Samaké, Gasnier (80eLimon), Malouda – Le Bret Maboulou

Goals: Nugent (22e), Maboulou (48e51e68e), Gasnier (66e), Samaké (74e), Françoise (76e)

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