MotoGP Italy Mugello: Aprilia surprised everyone by presenting an F1-inspired aileron

MotoGP Italy Mugello: Aprilia surprised everyone by presenting an F1-inspired aileron

Aerodynamics is the frontier that MotoGP continues to explore in its ongoing search for performance and this time around it’s Aprilia’s turn to surprise everyone, introducing the novelty of the rear spoiler. The aerodynamic novelty was tested by Lorenzo Savadori on the Tuscan runway.

The manufacturer of Noale, a real revelation of this first part of 2022, did not limit itself to introducing a new engine specification during the first free practice sessions of the Italian GP, ​​in order to drive Ducati in terms of pure power: test driver Lorenzo Savadori, present at Mugello as a wild card, made his appearance on the track with a rear wing in the “F1 style”, a novelty that could also be used by Aleix Espargaro and Maverick Vinales in the next sleeves.

An experience that, as Romano Albesiano and Massimo Rivola explain, has a specific goal: to generate a greater load at the rear and prevent the wheel from lifting, braking or on sections such as the quick hump at the end of the finish line, at the corner called San Donato, an increasingly critical point for the speeds reached by MotoGP motorcycles that exceed 350 km / h.

A trick that goes in the direction of improving the balance of the bike and could be repeated on other fast tracks, so of course it brings the expected results. The support generated is not huge, but this aerodynamic novelty will surely be debated: already when the ailerons appeared, there was a lot of skepticism at the beginning and now everyone uses them.

Another more discreet aerodynamic element was also tested by the Noale brand test pilot, but nothing leaked about its potential benefits.

Aerodynamically exploiting the rear of the motorcycle is a solution that has been tested in the past by other manufacturers: like Ducati, which in 2018 tested a form of “duckbill” in Jerezwhich was later ruled out because, according to the pilots, it did not have the expected effect.

While the Front Ride Height Device will be banned next year and that fins and other aerodynamic changes are debated in the paddockit remains to be seen whether this technical development will not revive the complaints of the drivers about the difficulty of overtaking in the race put the case of the fins on the front of the stage

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