Monkeypox: Voici le nombre de cas sous surveillance et cas suspects

Monkeypox: Here are the number of cases under surveillance and suspicious cases

Following the registration of the first coronavirus case in Morocco on Thursday by the Ministry of Health, more than a dozen contact cases and suspicious cases are being followed. The task is complex given that the incubation period for this zoonosis is long.

To date, only one positive case with Monkeypox, or monkeypox, has been reported in Morocco, but new cases are expected to follow in the coming days.

The first cause is the import of cases that could pass through the national health system deployed at the points of entry into Morocco, but mainly because of the incubation period of the virus which can last up to 21 days before the first symptoms appear (usually the incubation lasts between 6 and 13 days, ed.), which means that throughout this period an infected person is contagious without knowing it.

And it is precisely during this incubation period that positive cases can be imported or infect other people. For Mouad Mrabet, the coordinator of the National Center for Public Emergency Operations at the ministry, the appearance of positive cases at Monkeypox in Morocco was therefore predictable, it was “only a matter of time.”

The official revealed that since the launch of the global health alert, 7 cases have been suspected of being positive for monkeypox. But the results of the laboratory tests were negative. Prior to this announcement, 3 suspicious cases were reported by the Ministry of Health.

Mouad Mrabet also announced the existence of 13 positive first-person contact cases at present. The first positive case at Monkeypox came from a European country, and no identity or nationality was revealed.

Three levels of contact have been made for these cases, which “have no symptoms that could suggest monkeypox,” the official said, adding that they are currently undergoing a “quarantine at home” whose duration has not been announced.

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