Michel Sardou reveals how his wife Anne-Marie Périer managed to seduce him and "tame the beast"

Michel Sardou reveals how his wife Anne-Marie Périer managed to seduce him and “tame the beast”

Married since October 11, 1999 to the former editor of SHE, Anne-Marie Périer, Michel Sardou made a tender confession about it to the journalists of Paris Match. Happy alongside the former journalist for more than twenty years, the headline performer Being a woman et The lakes of Connemara revealed why and how he had fallen madly in love with his wife. “She takes care of everything, because she has an intelligence that I love. She is critical in the right sense of the word and she brings things up gently. She was able to tame the beasthe confided.

Renowned character, Michel Sardou has softened with the former editor of the magazine Miss Tender Age. In a portrait written by France Soirwe learn that the singer had asked for Anne-Marie Périer’s hand in a very special way when he was in Paris and she was in New York. Seized with a sudden urgency to marry her, he would have called her without worrying about the possible time difference.

His marriage proposal is unlikely

The singer also recounts this episode in the dedication of his autobiography I’m not dead … I’m sleepingpublished by XO Editions on May 6, 2021. “It was an episodic relationship, we met from time to time. She had her life, she had children, she was married and so was I. (…) One day I called him. She was in New York, I was in Paris and I said, ‘Listen, do you want to marry me? Answer me yes or no, this will save you time. It’s not worth me to make you a frantic court, we’ve known each other for 25 years’. And that’s how it’s done. “

Not impressed, the former journalist allegedly took the time to think and gave her answer a few days later, after asking her entourage for advice. Their union was celebrated by Nicolas Sarkozy (who was then Mayor of Paris), and Eddy Mitchell et Johnny Hallyday were the singer’s witnesses.

For Michel Sardou, this was his third wedding since he had previously been married to Françoise Pettré (the mother of his daughters Sandrine and Cynthia), and then to Elizabeth Haas (the mother of his sons Davy and Romain). For her part, Anne-Marie Périer was married to actor and director Claude Barrois (with whom she has two sons, Paul and Mathias).

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