Mercato: The Italian press announces the "imminent" return of Paul Pogba to Juve

Mercato: The Italian press announces the “imminent” return of Paul Pogba to Juve

After the end of the Mbappé soap opera, the one around Paul Pogba seems to be taking the same direction. At the end of his contract with Manchester United, the midfielder, whose departure was made official on Wednesday and who would be a target for PSG in particular, has finally decided to return to Juventus. According to the Republiche even agreed to lower his salary considerably to now receive around 7.5 million euros more possible bonuses.

Upcoming officialization?

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For its part, the Corriere della Sera goes even further and states that the formalization of this comeback is imminent. “There are only a few details left to settle, but nothing to change the outcome of the case“The Bianconeri coach Massimiliano Allegri is said to have pushed hard for Pogba’s transfer. .

When Europe snatches Pogba, Liverpool is targeting its clone

Unless there is a last-minute surprise, Pogba, who left for Manchester United in 2016, will therefore make his big return to Juve. “Pogba? Who is Pogba? I don’t know … Is that an English word? I don’t know, I forgot, it was several years ago“, joked Max Allegri after the last day of Serie A. It could be that his memory will come back soon …

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