Transfers: Luis Campos would be close to an agreement with PSG

Mercato – PSG: Luis Campos new football adviser for Paris Saint-Germain

A big throttle. While positions seemed frozen since the announcement of Kylian Mbappé’s contract extension, Paris Saint-Germain shook the coconut tree on Friday. Just minutes after the announcement by several media outlets of one agreement with Zinedine Zidane for the position of coach, the French champion club has (finally) made official the arrival of Luis Campos.

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And now Paris is attacking Zidane


A strong man of recruitment in Monaco and then in Lille, the only two entities capable of interrupting Parisian hegemony in Ligue 1 in recent years, the Portuguese will thus inherit missions hitherto fulfilled by Leonardo, whose departure should follow. In the organization chart, on the other hand, José Mourinho’s former “scout” will not have the status of “sports director”, but of “football adviser”.

The Parisian market launched?

It is a personal choice, which he had already imposed in his collaborations with the ASM and the LOSC, allowing him both to bill his services through his company based on the Rock, but also to keep a role with other clubs. Since leaving the North, Luis Campos has accompanied several European teams such as Celta Vigo and Galatasaray.

Renowned for his ability to drain rare pearls from the market, Campos will, for the first time, work in a European gratin club as a consultant. “Nwe share the same vision, a vision I strongly believe in, and I look forward to working to develop the club’s outstanding potential.“His first mission was to draw up a list of priorities in the company of the probable future coach, Zidane. And to degrease the squad.”

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Ligue 1

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