Mercato: Man leaves a small bomb on his future - Football

Mercato: Man leaves a small bomb on his future – Football

Currently with his selection from Sngal for the CAN qualifiers, Sadio Man made some surprising remarks about his future at a press conference. The English striker has hinted that he will leave Liverpool this summer.

Man could leave Liverpool this t

One year after the end of his contract with Liverpool, Sadio Man (30) has a more than uncertain future in England. The trend has been going on for several days. And the Reds striker is doing nothing to dispel rumors. On the contrary

Present with his selection from Sngal for the next African Cup of Nations qualifiers, the former Messin has blamed his future a little more on his future at a press conference. Like everyone else, I’m on social media and I see the comments. 60 70% of English people want me to leave Liverpool? I will do what they want. We’ll see soon. Don’t be in a hurry launched the African champion.

Bayern and PSG in the ranks

After such statements, it is difficult to imagine anything other than a departure for Man, who is in Liverpool until June 2023. Unless the Banbali native tries to put pressure on the Mersey club to get the best possible contract. In any case, his remarks logically make a lot of noise and Reds fans may increasingly fear a departure this time.

To go o? Bayern Munich seem to be a long way ahead and negotiations have already begun. The German club is offering € 30 million, plus a € 5 10 million bonus. Liverpool are asking for € 41 million. An agreement is therefore possible. But Paris Saint-Germain, ready to meet the demands of the Reds, remains a threat in this case. However, the presence of Kylian Mbapp, Lionel Messi and Neymar can cool Man. The latter could then favor another project that will guarantee him a place as a incumbent.

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