Lomepal returns with the single "tee" after a three-year absence

Lomepal returns with the single “tee” after a three-year absence

MUSIC – “Too good to be true,” and yet: Lomepal is back after almost three years of absence. Since Aminathe reissue of his latest album Jeannine released in 2019, the rapper had completely disappeared from the music radars. This Friday, June 3, he unveiled tee, arguably the first excerpt from a line of tracks on his next album. Nevertheless, Lomepal has still not announced its release date.

This single was unexpected to say the least. Without warning his audience, the rapper just posted two stories the day before the release on his account Instagram. There is an email from his producer and sound engineer (Alex Gopher) announcing the end of the mastering, as well as a 24-hour countdown launched before the release of the clip. These two implicit information will have been enough for internet users to immediately understand his great return.

A gradual return to music

The clip of the song directed by Victor Boccard, echoes the words of the title, illustrating almost literally what Lomepal reveals in along its lines.

In the song, he makes several allusions to the golf: starting with the word “tee”, which corresponds to the small dowel on which players place the ball from a hole. On the cover of the single, a person holds this little object in the mouth. He also mentions Iron 7, a particular type of club used by high level players.


Lomepal is releasing “tee”, their first single in three years.

These sporting references fuel a chorus in which Lomepal describes himself as determined but still neurotic. “Tell my destiny to bite the tee / I’m going to make him gag again with the iron 7 (…) I look so much like this world, I have the assorted neuroses / I want to plant some tomatoes and make from the sound without a computer, ”can be heard in the song.

The return of Lomepal is gradual, step by step awaiting the release of the album. Last May, the rapper announced a small tour, consisting of six dates in ancient theaters in France, starting in Vaison-la-Romaine on July 7.

The rapper had withdrawn from 2020: ″ After a while, when you play the same songs too many times, the pressure it puts, there’s something I couldn’t stand anymore (… ) I didn’t have time to pose for ten years of music at all, ”he explained to France Inter’s microphone in September 2021. He also explained that the appearance of Covid had“ relieved ”him. ”Avoiding her having to attend festivals the following summer.

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