LIVE – Ukraine: British intelligence warns of risk of cholera epidemic in Marioupol

Putin compares himself to Peter the Great and equates the conquest of Sweden with the invasion of Ukraine

Vladimir Putin paid tribute to Tsar Peter the Great on the 350th anniversary of his birth, and compared the conquest of Sweden to the current invasion of Ukraine.

“Peter the Great fought the Great Northern War for 21 years. You could think he was at war with Sweden, he took something from them. In reality, he didn’t take anything from them, he just recovered what belonged to the Russians, “he said.

Before adding: “This is how we feel right now, to make Russia our own and to strengthen our country. And if we consider these values ​​to be the basis of our existence, we will be able to meet the challenges we face. face “.

Zelensky says Ukrainian forces are “holding on” to the Donbass

On Thursday night, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky assured that Kiev forces were “holding on” to key battles in the Donbass.

“The situation on the front line has not changed fundamentally. Severodonetsk, Lyssytchansk and other Donbass cities, which the occupier now sees as key targets, are holding their own.”

He added that Ukrainian soldiers were able to regain ground in Zaporizhia but also in the Kharkiv region.

According to British intelligence, the risk of a major cholera epidemic hovers over occupied Marioupol

In its daily briefing, the British Ministry of Defense Intelligence Service highlighted the difficulties faced by the people living in the Russian-occupied Ukrainian territories.

“Russia is struggling to provide access to the most basic public services to the people of the occupied territories. Access to safe drinking water is uneven, and major disruptions to telephone and Internet services continue. There is a shortage. “There are major cholera outbreaks in Kherson, and isolated cases of the disease have been identified since May,” the statement said.

The same document thus mentions the fragility of the Ukrainian health services in the occupied territories, should they face a resurgence of the disease. “Ukraine suffered a major cholera epidemic in 1995, and has experienced smaller resurgences since then, specifically along the Azov coast, which includes Marioupol. Medical services in Marioupol are very weakened, and a cholera epidemic would only aggravate this phenomenon, “the British added.

As for the heavily fought Donbass city of Severodonetsk, “Russia controls the majority of the city, but its forces have made little progress in encircling the largest area in the north and south.”

Macron says France is “mobilized to meet the needs” of Kiev

In an exchange on Thursday between Volodymr Zelensky and Emmanuel Macron, the latter assured that “France would remain mobilized to meet the needs of Ukraine, including in heavy weapons.”

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Ukrainian Interior Minister says “there is no risk of attack on Kiev at the moment”

“There is no risk of an attack on Kiev at the moment,” Ukrainian Interior Minister Denis Monastirsky said in an interview with our AFP colleagues on Thursday after more than 100 days of the Russian invasion.

“There is no concentration of Russian and Belarusian soldiers near the Belarusian border (more than 150 km north, ed.), But we understand that all scenarios are possible in the future,” said Denis Monastirsky. , wearing a military sweatshirt and sitting in front of the Ukrainian flag in a large hall.

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