Lidl : Cet appareil à prix cassé se vend comme des petits pains

Lidl: The return of this long-awaited cream for less than € 3!

Lidl’s range of skin care products continues to make headlines with the public. Especially this Cien face cream sold for less than 3 euros! Let’s take stock!

Lidl puts its Cien brand of facial care back on the forefront of the scene

Lidl’s star-rated products change every week. They follow each other and do not look alike. Unless you focus on the price of these products. Indeed, at Lidl, the slogan is to offer consumers “the real price of good things.”

However, the Q10 day cream from the Cien brand, sold by the German brand, was actually voted the best cream on the market by the 60 million consumer association. To make this cream one of the best on the market, it is also effective and does not expose consumers to risks.

Day or night cream. The Q10 treatment for less than 3 euros from the Cien brand is now gaining popularity around the world. In fact, it is not only in France that Lidl has established itself so that its loyal customers can take advantage of its exceptional offers. But it’s good in stores French that these creams are back! A return that will certainly not go unnoticed!

A range of products that card like never before

A range of products that card like never before

In fact, the Cien range is also an unprecedented success. This is a range that is new to Lidl. It comes in different ways. Lidl’s Instagram account recently featured a detox range of Cien Bio face products.

“Our new Cien Bio products are brand new.” Micellar water, day cream, serum or eye contour, discover our new range unpublished anti-pollution today in our supermarkets. Who goes there tester ? Could be read on the brand’s Instagram account.

And the Leenkus editorial staff has no doubt that with the association’s 60 million consumer rating for Cien brand Q10 cream… Customers will not hesitate to try these new products with their eyes closed.

Best value for money!

Best value for money!

Effective, inexpensive and good for the skin. Also, they are not aggressive and fulfill their promises. But what more could you ask for in cosmetic care?

In addition, Lidl is doing a trick that goes in the direction of his marketing work long-lasting. Goal? Impose yourself in the world of discount. Thus, in order to convince a larger consumer margin, the German brand had to be able to demonstrate that low prices were not necessarily a guarantee of poor quality.

An offer unlike any other at Lidl!

An offer unlike any other at Lidl!

Now, with Cien Face Cream, it’s a successful bet. It is impossible to miss this offer challenges any competition. Not only because offering a cream for less than 3 euros is exceptional…. But especially because it has proven to be effective!

Cien moisturizers will sell like hot cakes. So, hurry up so you too can enjoy these must-have promotions.

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