The Big Clips of the week, we’re not going to lie, this is the best cinematic-acoustic experience in recent years. And those who say no, it’s because they never threw an eyelash at it.

For this edition, we have chosen: Viagra Boys, Pogo Car Crash Control, Villa Fantôme, Veuve Scarron, Dubioza Kolektiv, Bolidde, Karaboudjan, Panic! at the disco, Howard, Twin Toes.

A totally partial selection by Yann Landry and Gregor Samsa

Viagra Boys – Punk Rock Loser

Again Viagra Boys, still cowboys? Choreography, fringes, frankly, don’t you get tired of it? No, never life!

Pogo Car Crash Control – “Turns Round / Starts at Zero”

Double clip for two songs that follow each other well without resembling each other. We salute the creativity of the best group of 77 all time.

Villa Fantôme – “Sentimental is not the crowd”

Because sometimes a big dose of brass is needed to sharpen the French song, even Souchon would agree. Well, what’s in that briefcase?

Widow Scarron – “Blues on War”

It’s time for Helen and the boys! The sitcom has changed a lot.

Dubioza Kolektiv – «Može li? »

A song all in hypotheses, it’s very nice to want, to want is to be able, all that; but can we sing without auto-tune for once a bit?

Bolidde – «Buzz»

Stop stalker on Insta, guys.

Karaboudjan – “For real”

The Karaboudjan, Captain, this is cargo rock. With lots of love under the guitars.

Panic! At the Disco – “Viva las Vengeance”

Not so easy to be a variety singer, you risk staining your pretty little variegated jacket with blood. For their 7th album to be released in August, one can feel the inspiration among the biggest bands.

Howard – “Bankable”

Down with the scams! Probably one of the best-selling indie clips of the year.

Twin Toes – Ghost Hair

Sweet electro pulled by hair and hair clip.

See you next week for the regular selection. And in the meantime, if you’re a musician, feel free to send us your clips by contacting us here !

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