Laurent Batlles appointed ASSE coach

Laurent Batlles appointed ASSE coach

With 75 games played under the Green jersey between 2010 and 2012, it was on the lawns that Laurent Batlles first paid homage to the Stéphane colors. He also played the last game of his professional career with ASSE. Moved, the brilliant number 10 bids farewell to the Cauldron to a standing ovation that has remained in all memories.

Hanging up, he decided to stay in the service of AS Saint-Étienne where he first joined the club’s supervisory unit before joining the U15 staff the following year. The sequel is written with the reserve coach’s cap and a promotion to National 2 with Mahdi Camara, Mickaël Nadé, Charles Abi and Wesley Fofana in his squad. In the meantime, during the 2015-2016 season, he assisted Christophe Galtier as an assistant in the professional group

After nine years in the Green, in the summer of 2019, Laurent Batlles emancipates himself and goes to live a new experience in Troyes. This one is rich, including a BKT Ligue 2 title and a Uber Eats Ligue 1 promotion, which earned him one of the top five second division coaches. Starting with a common agreement from ESTAC, the 46-year-old coach responds to AS Saint-Étienne’s wish to install a coach with strong precepts. He will be keen to give a new impetus to allow the ASSE to regain the place it deserves.

> Laurent Batlles:I am very happy to be back at this club after nine amazing years. I was a player and then a coach, from the smallest categories to the big ones. Coaching the first team is an accomplishment for me. With a lot of envy and self-sacrifice, we set ourselves goals for this new season. Relegation has hurt everyone, me too. We will now rebuild.

> Loïc Perrin, Sports Coordinator: “I am delighted that Laurent Batlles is joining us. It corresponds to the profile we were looking for: that of a coach who has worked in Ligue 2 BKT identity, its values. It is fully reflected in our project. We can now start working together and focus on the workforce in order to ideally prepare for this upcoming season. “

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