Large families - "What a chance", "It's great", "It changes some families", "Adopt me": the Jeansons change their lives radically, the tweets are admirable

Large families – “What a chance”, “It’s great”, “It changes some families”, “Adopt me”: the Jeansons change their lives radically, the tweets are admirable

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Back in this fourth season of “Large Families, Life in XXL” after a long absence, the Jeanson family hit hard during the episode aired this Wednesday, June 1, 2022. The couple announced to their five children an upcoming big life change. An announcement that particularly excited the internet users, who are a big fan of this Parisian family.

Families participating in the docu-reality “Large families, life in XXL“broadcast in the late afternoon on TF1, are often the victims of harsh comments. Torque dynamics, way of life, way of expressing themselves or raising their children, internet users are often very critical of them. Just yesterday, the latter pointed the finger the “lack of naturalness” of Mom Pavoni, Agnes. But this Wednesday, June 1, 2022, the twittosphere instead sent positive waves to a family that has been on the program for several years: the Jeanson family.

In the first season of the show, viewers followed the adventures of Marie-Alix 39 years old Alexander 40 years old and their 5 children. They thus witnessed certain highlights of their lives at seven: theirs moving to Paris, buying their family home and going on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela last March. And if the Parisian family has decided to return to the program in 2022, it is because it is once again preparing for another great turning point. In the first episode aired this Wednesday, the close-knit couple planned to announce the news in question to their children, Mayeul (14 years old), Auxence (12 years old), Faustine (10 years old), Victor (9 years old) and Aloys (5 years).

To do this in a playful way, Alexandre and Marie-Alix prepared a Powerpoint: “We did a presentation with slides and clue photos …”, explained the mother. Very quickly, the five children, including two teenagers, all sitting on the living room couch, hypothesized that their mother was again pregnant. But the news is in fact of a completely different order: the father has indeed been transferred for his job. In a few months, the whole tribe will fly to a new destination, for a predefined period of two years.

“What luck for the kids!”

Very attentive, the children did not miss any clues: the mention “11 hours of travel”, a drawing of an airplane, a flag, exotic fruits and vanilla, images of waterfall, etc. But the latter first put them on the trail of a temporary distant journey. But as time went on, the slideshow shed light on the real project: that of one moving…. on Reunion Island ! Very quickly, the eyes of the five children lit up. “There are coconuts and it’s pretty,” “there are sharks too,” “we’ll be able to dive,” they spontaneously launched, much to the delight of the parents. “The children are crazy with joy and we are also happy, we were not wrong in our choices and it’s great!”, Said the father in particular.

On twitter, the Jeanson project also made a lot of people dream. While the tweets unanimously found it “super”, they also highlighted the nice reaction from the family’s teens. Schooled for three years in Paris after experiencing no less than 9 moves in 14 years, the latter could have shown some reluctance … But their candid smiles indicated the opposite.

The organization of the mother, who makes multiple lists so as not to forget any steps and who begins sorting her children’s clothes and toys in advance, taking care not to rush them, has also aroused the admiration of the children. Internet users. In their eyes, the Jeansons are all right!

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