Lacombe begins to dream after Lacazette's return to Lyon: "Now it would be good to bring Karim Benzema back"

Lacombe begins to dream after Lacazette’s return to Lyon: “Now it would be good to bring Karim Benzema back”

It was a return that made Lyon fans fantasize. And that dream is about to come true. It’s even “imminent,” according to The Team. But Gones fans are not the only ones to rejoice in the announced comeback of Alexandre Lacazette. Another former OL serial scorer is rubbing his hands. “Alex’s return is very important for OL’s image. And for the kids who are growing up in this club“, Bernard Lacombe, Jean-Michel Aulas’ former adviser, tells us.

After a difficult year in eighth place – out of European tickets – Lyon are close to making a masterstroke by retrieving a player from Lacazette’s temper. Admittedly, the latter has not had a very prolific 2021-2022 season with only four small Premier League achievements under the colors of Arsenal, his first season under the 10-goal mark in the league since the 2012-13 season! But bringing him back to the free cradle, five years after he left for more than 50 million euros, is almost unexpected. Even more so given the situation of the club that will not play in Europe next season and the CV of the Lyon native.

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Alexandre Lacazette celebrates a goal in the Premier League match Arsenal – Leicester (2-0)

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Highlight club values

The announced signing of Lacazette, who would make a serious financial effort according to L’Equipe to return home, even has everything to give back the smile to more than one Lyonnais. “Alexander, he was already a wonderful player when he was with us, still enjoys Bernard Lacombe, the second highest scorer in the history of the club (149 goals). For his travels, in the game, his discounts… And playing in the Premier League where there is such adversity, he has inevitably improved, especially since he has managed to stayt “.

At the age of 31, Lacazette would return to his training club with other luggage. The former top scorer and L1 player in 2015 (27 goals) has shown throughout this season that he can help grow young people at Arsenal, where he wore the captain’s armband from December to April. . “He will give a lot to the clubhopes Bernard Lacombe, a former international striker. He is a boy who has the right mindset and the right mindset. It requires the right qualities. His return can help bring back values ​​that are dear to OL’s heart. “

If they come back, it’s only because they bring something different to the club

The return to “his” club of the French international in the 16 selections, which can mark a little more the history of Lyon where he is the fourth best scorer with 129 achievements (“It would be a pleasure to see him beat my number of goals with OL“, Lacombe slips us), could also give ideas to other illustrious” old “Lyonnais.

The name of Corentin Tolisso, also at the end of his contract at Bayern Munich, has already been mentioned. “It’s not easy. Players have different statuses. And if they come back, it’s only because they bring something different to the club. That’s the important thingLacombe warns before slipping his “ultimate dream” into a laugh: “This is bullshit. But now what would be good would be to bring Karim Benzema back. That would be the ultimate dream. I’ve known every kid… “But there, it would be a story to move from dream to reality.

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