Le chiffre catastrophique concernant Kyrie Irving aux Nets

“Kyrie Irving was fighting back”

Despite a controversial and mentally difficult season, Kyrie Irving has seemed rather calm in most of her recent speeches. An attitude that provoked a strong reaction from one of his former teammates to the Nets, according to which the star leader simply had nothing to do with it.

Relatively sober and focused on basketball in Cleveland, he has been talked about as much since his departure for his performances on the floor as for his outings. In recent months, it’s even more the extra-sporty aspect that has taken over the rest for Kyrie Irving. Called to lead the Nets to the title with Kevin Durant, the 2016 champion instead sparked controversy for most of the season.

Rare player has publicly stated that he would not agree to receive the vaccine against Covid-19, Kai paid the high price. He thus missed about fifty games because of this stance, and inevitably lacked pace at the start of the playoffs. At the time of the negotiations on his next contract, this data must come into play, and talk about it again.

Kyrie’s up-and-coming boutique doesn’t shock Shumpert

Eligible for a XXL extension this summer in Brooklyn, Irving could suffer from behavior that some consider individualistic. In any case, some rumors suggest that its leaders would be reluctant to offer him a maximum salary in the long run. What a great blow for the leader, who should not regret his actions to believe Iman Shumpert, a recent guest of Vlad TV :

He was fighting the balls (of what others might say and think). He made it clear that he would not be vaccinated. And you can’t blame him. It’s really a personal decision. This thing made people freak out so much that Kyrie said, “I won’t get this vaccine for any reason.” And everyone reacted in “Yeah, that’s it, and as soon as they stop paying it, he’s going to change his mind!” »

Suddenly, the Nets withheld some of his salary, and he replied, “Cool.” Everyone was there, “Quoiii ?!” Then they told him he couldn’t play at home, he said, “Okay, cool.” And everyone was there, “Heiiiiin ?!” While the guy had warned everyone by all possible means that he was not going to get the vaccine! But people are not able to make that kind of life-changing decisions.

For Shumpert, who knows the guy well as a former Cavaliers and Nets partner, Kyrie would simply be much stronger mentally and confident in his beliefs than ordinary mortals. In any case, this would explain the public’s misperception of this decision. Let Uncle Drew be reassured, it could also be that his firmness ultimately doesn’t impact his future in the NBA !

Determined not to bow to popular pressure, Kyrie Irving escaped the vaccine, even losing a few million dollars in the process. The kind of choice with the heavy consequences that would not be achievable by all according to Iman Shumpert!

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