Kurzawa takes the brunt of the year in Paris, the images are hilarious!

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Twitter has taken over the scene and is making fun of it as rarely. This morning, Layvin Kurzawa arrived a little over a quarter of an hour late for PSG’s training session behind the wheel of his horse-drawn sports car.

Kurzawa finds the door closed

Unfortunately for him, the 29-year-old left winger found the door closed. And, above all, no one to open the way for him! After a few seconds in front of hilarious fans, the tricolor international finally stepped back to enter through the other entrance! Suddenly, he trains in the gym …

To summarize

Laywin Kurzawa (29), one of PSG’s highest earners, stood out in a very sad way on Saturday morning, arriving late for training. The left winger had to return home under the sun.

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